5 Ways Rack Management Software Can Boost Your Warehouse Safety Today

Posted on April 4, 2023 - updated on April 6 2023 
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Are you confident that the pallet racks in your warehouse are safe and compliant?

Pallet racks in a warehouse can be risky if not installed or maintained correctly, as they may collapse and cause injuries. But even well-maintained pallet racks can be damaged by workers or equipment.

Employers are responsible for inspecting and maintaining pallet racks to ensure safety.

  • How do you keep track of the condition of dozens or even hundreds of pallet rack systems without possibly overlooking some?
  • And what about if you are managing more than one warehouse?
  • How do you keep track of all these documents if you write down everything on paper or in an Excel file? 

Fortunately, warehouse operators can enhance efficiency and safety in their operations by using rack inspection management software. This digital tool enables quick data capture, centralized access, and information sharing.

Transforming Pallet Rack Safety and Compliance

In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of the Damotech Platform, the only software available to inspect, maintain, and manage pallet racks. You’ll discover how this powerful solution can help you streamline warehouse management, capture crucial data, and enhance the safety of your employees and assets.

Damotech Platform on desktop computer screen, tablet and mobile

1 - Managing the condition of your pallet rack systems

Following an inspection by one of our experts, the detailed report is integrated into our Platform. The software displays data for each location where our engineers have reported damages. You can view the photos of the anomalies taken during the inspection, reported failures, and missing components. You can also sort them by their severity level and component type.

Our rack maintenance software offers a floor and elevation view of your warehouse configuration, illustrating all data recorded for each location. You can view the damages to your warehouse pallet systems, all inspection reports, reported failures, overload risks, load application and rack configuration drawings (also called LARCs). The interface allows you to zoom in and out to visualize better where damaged pallet systems are located, view the severity of the failures, and plan maintenance operations.

Damotech Platform with load capacities

Since the dashboard displays real-time statistics about your pallet systems, you can also use the Platform periodically to monitor damage reported by your maintenance personnel. You can track their progress online as soon as problems are reported. The digital tool provides an overview of the racking system’s state, comparing new and repaired issues. In an instant, follow and measure the progress of repairs toward a safer warehouse.

Rack load calculations are another essential aspect of our software. The software includes a color-coded heatmap that captures varying load capacities for each pallet location in both plan and elevation views, allowing you to proactively identify rack overloading risks and interact with other views, such as rack elevation plans. It can help you review load capacity by pallet position, proactively identify load capacity anomalies, capture load variations, and visually confirm system configurations. Racking system specifications, such as upright height, beam dimensions, and beam ratings, are also displayed for easy reference.



2- Collect data in real time, offline

No Internet? No problem!

Many warehouses do not have internet connectivity throughout the facility, which can pose a problem when using a web tool to conduct rack safety surveys and inspections. However, with our mobile app, you can walk your facility with a smartphone or tablet, survey rack deficiencies and identify safety issues offline and take photos of the racks’ anomalies so they can be tracked and prioritized.

Damotech Platform, collect data offline

The application includes an offline mode, allowing you to store warehouse and deficiency data on your device and add or update all rack issues in real time from virtually anywhere. You can sync your data directly to the Platform’s cloud storage once an internet connection is available for easy access and sharing. With this feature, warehouse operators can ensure the safety and efficiency of their operations, even in facilities without the internet.

Our mobile app gives you all the intuitive features of the Damotech Platform to help conduct your warehouse assessments. You can quickly generate rack safety audits and inspections while walking your warehouses, prioritize risk, implement tasks, and track progress. It enables warehouse operators to stay on top of potential hazards and address them quickly, even when they are away from the warehouse.


3- Manage multiple locations across the country

Managing racking systems across multiple facilities in several states—or even nationwide—can be daunting.

      • How do you monitor anomalies across dozens or hundreds of warehouses?
      • How does a company maintain its corporate safety standards and ensure all its facilities comply?

With Damotech’s rack inspection management software, operators can stay updated with multi-warehouse environments and no longer need to travel to each location when there are deficiencies.

They can remotely monitor the state of their racking systems in real time across all their warehouses so that they can share information with their teams. They can also track the status of each issue reported directly on the Platform, with photos and priority levels, without ever leaving headquarters.



4- Save time and effort

Thanks to the Platform, you can save time and no longer need to sort through paperwork with hand-written notes or multiple Excel sheets to track your deficiencies and repairs.

You can access and store all the latest rack inspection data in our secured cloud-based environment. Our inspection software allows you to easily share insights with your team, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working toward a common goal.

It graphically presents everything from warehouse layouts to dashboards and photos of deficiencies for quick viewing, making it easy to identify areas that need attention and plan accordingly. Instead of relying on documents and lists, the visuals and illustrations communicate information more clearly—and foster proactivity.

Damotech Platform showing warehouse plan layout

Damotech’s easy-to-use Platform allows you to reduce travel. Since you do not need to travel to your warehouse locations, you can access and review all your facilities’ data from anywhere, allowing you to plan your budget for resolving rack issues and accelerate your progress toward a safer warehouse.

5- Maximize warehouse efficiency and safety

With Damotech’s software, warehouse operators can view and manage the state of their racks and share insights with shareable links and critical safety-related information. It allows for easy collaboration between teams and departments, making it easier to address issues and make informed decisions.

The software also offers advanced filtering and sorting options, enabling analysis of the latest data. 


Since all your records are always up-to-date and available, our racking inspection software offers you peace of mind by ensuring that your pallet rack systems are safely maintained, and your employees operate in a safe work environment. With the ability to view the state of their racks, warehouse operators can proactively identify and address any potential hazards before they become a problem. 

Streamline Your Warehouse Safety and Performance with Damotech Platform

Rack inspection management software is essential for warehouse operators looking to improve the efficiency and safety of their operations. The Damotech Platform is an interactive and user-friendly tool that empowers operations leaders, warehouse managers, and health & safety professionals to understand and analyze their racking conformity while maintaining a safe working environment.

The Platform eliminates the need for paper formats and Excel files, as inspection data is centralized, easily accessible, and well-organized. You can access the information through a cloud management solution, simplifying the process of tracking pallet rack issues, organizing data by priority level, and developing the necessary roadmap to address safety risks.

Overall, the Damotech Platform offers a range of benefits that can help you improve your racking systems’ safety agenda and your warehouse’s performance.

      • Document, prioritize and resolve issues in real time.
      • Remotely monitor the state of your racking systems.
      • Manage multiple locations.
      • Quickly analyze data.
      • Oversee progress and repairs.
      • Optimize your time.
      • Save time.
      • Make informed decisions.
      • But best of all, have peace of mind!

Managing and staying updated with your warehouse environment has never been easier. Log in, and all the data is at your fingertips. 


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