The Damotech Platform is critical in maintaining control over warehouse safety. It's useful as it provides online access to all the inspection reports. Plus, our managers have great confidence in Damotech's repair kits.   


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Réjean Ardouin
Maintenance Supervisor


Prior to reaching out to Damotech, we had damaged beams and uprights in our warehouse that needed to be addressed. We usually just replaced the entire racking upright, but now with the rack repair kits from Damotech, we have not only able to save time and money, but the repair kits have stood up against impact very well since their installation. And with their lifetime warranty, you really cannot go wrong!  


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Donald Garib
Operations Analyst
Geodis Americas

  Over the years, we accumulated several brands of racks in our warehouse. There was confusion surrounding their capacity and costly proposals to ensure their compliance. Damotech proved to be a partner of choice to regulate all our installations.   



Philip O'Shaughnessy, P. Eng.
Plant Manager


  Safely managing storage rack systems across a network of warehouses can become overwhelming. With Damotech we have found an industry partner for education, engineering support, repairs and protection. Their quality and customer service are first class. 


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Pehr Peterson
Director of Construction
Reyes Holding, LCC

   The quality of Damotech’s products and services is first rate. We have several DAMO GUARDS installed in our facility and they have stood up very well to impact. We’ve had zero issues since.   



Niall Black
Motorcade Industries Inc.

Join the thousands of organizations who rely on Damotech to make their warehouses safer while reducing maintenance costs.

   The safety of our employees is paramount to us, and Damotech has manufactured custom-made protective fences for our pedestrian walkways that are forklift-proof. We are more than satisfied and will change all old fences for these because they are superior.  



Stéphane Ouellet
Warehouse Supervisor
General Mills


   We've been using Damotech for 10 years and are satisfied with their quick service. They know rack safety and are attentive to our needs. We always get clear answers in a short time if not on the spot. Plus, their products are of impeccable quality and reliability. 



Gilbert Marois
Team lead, Maintenance
Prinoth Ltée

  We’ve been doing our rack repairs with Damotech for over ten years. Their superior quality of service, smart product design, and quick turnaround times have far exceeded our expectations. For any company considering a partnership with Damotech, I would advise them to talk to their sales representatives because they are tremendously knowledgeable and helpful. I also highly recommend Damotech’s online webinars because the level of education gained from them is well worth it.   



Pauline Templeton
Health and Safety Coordinator
Logistics in Motion

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