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Our rack safety experts combine knowledge and experience, developed by managing safety in thousands of warehouses over the past 30 years.

By leveraging Damotech, you get access to the largest network in North America to optimize safety in your warehouse while reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Engineering Services

Damotech's in-house engineers are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. They offer expert engineering services focused exclusively on warehouse racking systems and their safety. Learn more about our rack audit, load capacity calculation, and warehouse safety training services.

Rack Protection & Repair

Damotech offers reputed rack repair kits and damage prevention products for your pallet racking systems and warehouse. We strive to put an end to the endless cycle of upright replacement. Protect your racking systems, but also your warehouse equipment, building columns, and most important of all: employees.

Rack Maintenance Software & App

Damotech is the only company in the industry to offer a software platform that manages your rack assets and inspections. Accessible through the Cloud, the Damotech Platform and mobile app make it easier than ever to track your progress toward a safer warehouse.

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How will Damotech make
your warehouse safer?

Evaluate Rack Condition

Objectively know the true condition of your pallet racks by asking for advice from qualified experts.

Assess Damage Risks

Understand each unit's risks by damage priority level so you can plan corrective actions.

Repair Rack Damage

Repair damaged components with custom-built solutions that respect the original configuration and maintain load capacity.

Prevent Rack Damage

Avoid costly damage with robust protection products.

Manage Rack Safety Insights

Measure and understand the state of all pallet racking systems across all your facilities.

Share Progress

Know and communicate the progress of your company's rack safety program with your teams.

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What's the risk of
not addressing rack safety?

Danger to Warehouse Workers

Is a collapse imminent or is the damage minor? Inspections by engineers identify the condition of each rack.

Inventory Loss

During a collapse, inventory stored on the damaged and adjacent racks can be destroyed, as can other equipment like forklifts.

Rack Replacement Costs

Unnecessary rack replacement involves unloading and managing space; whereas repairs are quicker and less disruptive.

OSHA Non-Compliance

If your warehouse does not comply with OSHA regulations, you could be fined or forced to shut down your operations temporarily.

Rack Maintenance Costs

Not addressing issues can lead to premature rack deterioration, which increases warehouse maintenance costs.

Negative Employee Morale

Team members notice and feel safer when rack damages are addressed as well as when systems are protected.

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How can Damotech help lower
warehouse maintenance costs?

Budget Priority

Our proven inspection methodology categorizes damage by priority level, allowing you to focus your budget on high-risk areas first.

Less Rack Replacement

By repairing rather than replacing damaged racking systems, you'll avoid costly shipping delays and unloading/reloading disruption.

Rack Protection

Installing rack protection early on is a simple and cost-effective way of safeguarding your rack investment from damage.

Proactive Rack Inspections

Regular inspections and the Damotech platform help you manage damage proactively before it gets worse or causes a collapse.

Manage Multiple Facilities

Managing multiple facilities? Our experts can help you build a plan showcasing your projected cost savings.

Maximize Revenue

Once an upright is repaired with a Damotech kit, it is protected from future damage. This is not the case with rack replacement.

Why Damotech stands out




Hours of Downtime Saved




Sq. Ft. Inspected




Fortune 500 Clients



Warranty Replacements

Why Damotech stands out




Hours of Downtime Saved




Sq. Ft. Inspected




Fortune 500 Clients



Warranty Replacements

How is Damotech different
from the competition?

Rack Engineers

Our engineers are trained on Damotech's rigorous methodology and have inspected 1,000s of warehouses.

Complete Inspection Reports

Damotech's comprehensive inspection reports are highly detailed, with actionable insights and clear recommendations.

30+ Years

As the recognized leader in rack safety in North America, we've seen it all: no rack issue is too complex or unimportant.

Inspection Software

The Damotech Platform is the only rack inspection & management software in the industry, allowing you to manage maintenance with less effort.

People First

We treat our team members, partners, and customers with respect, like family.

A True Partner

We help build strategic rack safety programs by offering the right combination of expertise, products, and software, and tracking progress over the years.

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How is Damotech's service & support?

North America

Our products, experts, and dealer network reach you wherever you are in North America

Quality Warranty

Damotech's products are built to the highest standards and offer the best warranties in the industry.

Industry Solutions

Whether your warehouse operates at a chilly minus-40 degrees or stores hazardous materials, we understand your challenges.


The Damotech Promise



We'll help you make your warehouse safer for the sake of your team members and their families.


People-first culture: we are driven by core values of respect and compassion.


Proudly designed and manufactured in a LEED certified facility in North America.

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Rack Safety Experts

Whether you manage a single warehouse or operate multiple distribution centers, our goal is to make your job easier and safer.

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