Pallet rack beam attachment Damo Hook Over

The DAMO HOOK OVER is designed to allow for the attachment of a beam to a Damotech repair kit (below its seat height), to respect the original design configuration of the rack.

The DAMO HOOK OVER maintains the original load capacity of your rack. The existing beam will be bolted to the hook-over and its back plate after the original attachment has been removed. Our hook-overs come in various sizes and are meant to be installed on Damotech rack repair kits only. It can be installed by our repair experts or your trained maintenance staff.

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Pallet rack beam attachment Damo Hook Over


Custom built

All of our products are tailor made to our customer's needs, to ensure a perfect fit that will be permanent and offer peace of mind.

Certified Installations

All repairs are done by installers who are certified by Damotech annually. They are knowledgeable and carry liability insurance.

Hardware Included

All of our products come with the necessary hardware. Our Hook Over is assembled with Chicago bolts.

Powder Coated Paint

This process offers durability in a longer-lasting finish and produces very little waste.

Heavy Duty

We use high quality structural steel with a heavy gauge to offer true impact resistance.

Accomodates Beams

This product is used to re-attach beams to Damotech's repair products.

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Rack Repair Experts

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