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The Damotech Platform is the only rack inspection tracking software of its kind. With access to the latest rack inspection data, warehouse operators can better manage their racking assets. Accessible through the cloud, the platform makes it easier than ever to track your progress toward a safer warehouse.

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Our rack inspection software provides a visual representation of the layout of your warehouse (plan view and elevations). The intuitive interface makes it easy to zoom in on rack locations, view the status of deficiencies, and track your progress toward addressing them. You can also see a list of all inspections and deficiencies and sort them based on specific criteria.

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For each location where deficiencies are reported, the rack inspection software makes it easy to access data entered by our inspection engineers. View photos taken during the inspection, flagged issues and missing components and then sort them by priority level.

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Damotech-Platform-Desktop-LOAD CAPACITY

Load Calculation Analysis

The Damotech Platform enables clients to review and analyse load capacities by individual pallet location. This greatly facilitates the identification of anomalies within your warehouse. The graphical representation allows users to effortlessly capture an understanding of the load variations. Racking system specifications, such as upright height and beam dimensions and ratings are also displayed for easy reference.

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Get a visual overview of the current state of your rack systems with a real-time dashboard. Easily monitor issue distribution by warehouse location, rack issue type, rack component or priority level.

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Rack safety management software for desktop, tablet, and mobile

Multi-Warehouse Management

For VPs of Operations or Facilities Supervisors, managing many warehouses across several states - or even nationwide - can be challenging. How do you monitor deficiencies across hundreds or thousands of stores or warehouses and maintain defined corporate safety standards? The Damotech Platform solves this by making it possible to monitor issues in each of your warehouses, with photos and priority levels, without ever leaving headquarters.

How the Platform Helps You

Manage Multiple Locations

It's never been easier to manage and stay up to date with multi-warehouse environments. Simply login and all the data is at your fingertips.

Graphic Viewer

From warehouse layouts to dashboards and photos of deficiencies, everything is graphically presented for easy viewing.

In the Cloud

The software and all of your data are hosted in a secured cloud environment. This means you always have the latest version of everything that you can access from anywhere, at any time.

Unique Solution

The Damotech Platform is the only rack inspection software that enables you to manage your rack assets and track your progress toward a safer warehouse.

Easy to Use

Although quite powerful, the Damotech Platform was designed to be intuitive and easy to learn.

Track Your Progress

Stop using paper and Excel to track your deficiencies and repairs. Access and store data from your latest inspection to easily view which deficiencies need attention.

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Key Benefits

No More Paperwork

You no longer need to sort through paperwork with hand-written notes on your racking issues. All the data is stored on the platform for everyone to access.

Less Travel

You can stop physically travelling to multiple locations when there are issues. Access the data from all of your warehouses directly on the platform.

Peace of Mind

You can finally sleep easier knowing that your racking is being safely maintained and that your employees are operating in a safe work environment.

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How can I create a Damotech Platform account?
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Creating an account is easy! Go to the My Account menu at the top of the page and click on Damotech Platform. On the login page, you'll find a sign up button, then follow the instructions. This will give you access to the Damotech Platform with demo data so you can try it out.

You can also contact us to get a full demo of the Platform.

How do I access the Damotech platform? Where do I login?
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Simply go to the My Account menu at the top of the page and click on Damotech Platform. You will be taken to the login page. Simply enter your username and password.

Can I download the software?
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The Damotech Platform is only available online through your web browser. It is offered as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) and everything from the application to your data is securely hosted in the cloud. That means you're always using the latest and greatest version of the software and that no software updates are ever required.

Where can I use the Platform? What type of computer do I need?
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The Damotech Platform is available online and is accessed through your web browser, no matter where you are in the world. As long as you have internet access, any computer with the latest version of your favorite browser will give you access to the Damotech Platform.

Why don't I see pricing on your site?
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It’s not that we want to skirt around the subject of pricing. We like to know what things cost, too.
Our rack protection and repair products are made-to-measure, and we always tailor our inspection and training services to customers’ specific needs. We inspect facilities large and small, and repair damage anywhere in North America. Consequently, our pricing will factor geographic location, volume, freight, and installation costs, to offer you a detailed quote and avoid any surprises.
To get more information on pricing; request a free quote or call 1-877-990-3266 and let us demonstrate the value of the products and services we provide.


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"Damotech has been our supplier for several years now. We are satisfied with their expertise and customer service. We have greatly improved the safety of our pallet racks thanks to their recommendations. Tools such as the Platform allow us to manage and maintain our pallet racks and ensure the safety of our employees."

Melissa Dancause-Papineau

Health & Safety Advisor, Bath Fitter
Damotech Male rack safety expert

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