Whether you supervise a single warehouse or operate multiple distribution centers, our goal is to help you manage what is frequently a critical asset: your racking systems. Through our pallet rack inspection & audit services, performed by experienced engineers, we offer you a comprehensive overview of the condition of your racking systems. The detailed reporting, based on rigorous observations by our rack experts, allows you to take corrective actions and bring your racking back to conformity. The Damotech Platform offers online access to reports with dashboards to help you track your progress and manage maintenance.

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In the U.S., OSH law stipulates that company management is responsible for providing a safe workplace to their employees. Canadian jurisdictions also follow the same guidelines. Putting workers at risk of injury can expose employers to serious liability in case of an accident.

Despite the demands of your daily operations, your racking systems must maintain their full integrity over time. Our pallet rack inspection services are thorough and always performed by engineers, to certify that your racking systems comply with the local rack design and safety standards.

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Our engineers walk through your facility and meticulously inspect your racking systems for conformity by collecting on-site information, taking photos, and recording any deficiencies, damage, or missing components. Our pallet rack inspection services are non-disruptive to your daily operations. Following this visit, we'll issue a detailed report with recommendations.

Regardless of your industry, the type of pallet racks you use, or the kind of damage found in your warehouse, we have all the expertise and solutions to help you diagnose, report, and address the deficiencies.

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How often should warehouse racking be inspected?

There is no precise regulation on the frequency of inspections. It should vary based on the velocity of your operations or the speed at which rack-related issues arise in your warehouse. Generally, most experts and governing bodies such as OSHA agree to recommend yearly independent inspections performed by third-party rack experts or engineers. Monthly assessments by your warehouse personnel using software like the Damotech Platform are also recommended.


Prepare for an OSHA Inspection or Audit

A thorough third-party inspection is highly recommended before embarking on an OSHA audit process. A Damotech yearly inspection report will provide your business with an accurate assessment of the condition of your warehouse pallet racking systems (proper installation, unsafe modification, hazardous damage, or unposted capacity) and allow for necessary measures to be taken to address issues before OSHA visits.

If your warehouse does not comply with OSHA regulations, you could be fined or forced to temporarily halt your operations.


New Rack Installation

Whether it's your entire warehouse or a small section, a brand-new installation calls for a 3rd party to verify that everything was installed according to engineering specifications and that the rack systems are ready to be put to safe use.

Corporate Safety Initiative

When launching a corporate-wide safety program, you want a baseline inspection performed to assess the condition of the racks at a specific point in time, and to be able to measure your progress towards a safer warehouse environment.

Timely Re-Assessment

An annual, quarterly, or monthly re-inspection of your racks after a baseline inspection has already been conducted. New damage may have occurred. Updating the status of previously reported issues will give a more accurate measure of performance.

Regulatory Compliance Review

Some jurisdictions require an official document stating that racks have been rated, inspected and are safe to use. Ontario requires a PSR (Pre-start Health and Safety Review) signed by an engineer and British Columbia (WorkSafeBC) also requires inspections.

Repair or Replacement

If your damaged rack was fixed with parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or a specialized rack repair kit, you may want to ensure that the rack still meets original specifications and maintains its rated load capacity.

Reconfiguration Review

You changed the layout of your racking systems or changed the height of certain beams? An inspection or certification (LARCS) is required by code before putting the rack systems back into usage.

Collapse or Earthquake

Was there a major incident in your warehouse? Whether it was induced by human error like a forklift accident or from a natural cause like an earthquake, you will need to make sure the integrity of your racks have not been compromised.

Regulatory Audit

Before or after a regulatory or corporate audit, you may need a comprehensive report on the conformity of your pallet rack systems or a document that certifies this. Such a report can be produced promptly after a visit by a rack expert.

Pre-Purchase / Change of Tenant

If you are looking to acquire or lease a warehouse and need to know the current condition of the pallet racks inside the warehouse. This should allow to evaluate the investments involved to bring the racking to conformity if necessary.

Performance Benchmarking

Want to make sure your internal inspections are uniform and up-to-par across one or all of your facilities? Let a 3rd party come in and inspect your racks. Compare the reports, then make an informed decision on appropriate next steps.

Operations & Safety Optimization

If you need insight on how to increase rack safety and optimize your racks' performance, our engineers can help. They have the know-how to provide expert advice on how to optimize the efficiency of your warehouse operations while keeping the work environment safe for workers.

Incomplete Documentation

Having up-to-date layouts with associated load capacities is required. Load capacity labels or plaques are also required to be displayed at all times on or near the rack systems to inform warehouse workers of their rated capacity.

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Damotech engineers will produce a detailed and actionable inspection report.

It includes:

  • Outlined inspection procedures and field observations
  • Our recommendations on how to best address issues
  • Summary location plan of the inspected systems with pictures
  • A repair proposal, if requested
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In the United States and Canada, there are well-defined standards for the safe use of pallet racks in all warehouses. However, sorting through all the different rack safety standards and regulations can be challenging.

In the United States, there are guidelines and regulations from organizations like RMI (Rack Manufacturer's Institute), ANSI (American National Standards Institute), and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Also, there are those established by Canadian government bodies like WorkSafeBC, MOL (Ontario Ministry of Labor), and CSA (Canadian Standards Association).

At Damotech, we have all the required expertise to help you make the entire regulatory audit and certification process as straightforward as possible. So whether you want a PSR review, an OSHA Audit, or an engineer-stamped drawing with load capacities for local/municipal permits, Damotech has you covered.

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The Damotech Platform is an online software that gives our customers instant access to the most recent inspection data for their warehouses. The dashboard shares insightful statistics about inspected racking systems. As reported issues are addressed, customers can track their progress toward achieving their goal of a safer warehouse.

Customers have access to a visual layout of their warehouse with all the recorded data for each location. They can view, filter, and sort data by current status or damage priority level, as well as view the photos taken by the Damotech inspectors.



Fortune 500 Clients




Sq. Ft. Inspected


Hours of Downtime Saved


Warranty Replacements


Fortune 500 Clients




Sq. Ft. Inspected


Hours of Downtime Saved


Warranty Replacements


Detailed Inspection Reports

Our reports are the most detailed in the industry. All reports contain scope, procedure, key findings, found issues, photos and much more.

Professional Engineers

All our reports are stamped by engineers that are extensively trained by Damotech's professional instructors.

Seismic Expertise

Inspections and calculations take into consideration the site location and seismic effects on the racks.

Reports in 30 Days

Inspection reports are typically delivered within 30 days of P.O. reception.

Anywhere in North America

Our engineers cover Canada and the U.S., including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and everywhere in between.

Most Trusted Inspectors

Top performing large (and small) corporations trust Damotech's professionals with the safety of their rack systems.



How often should warehouse racking be inspected?
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There is no clear regulation on the frequency of racking inspections. It often depends on the speed at which rack-related issues accumulate in your warehouse. Although not clearly expressed, most governing bodies like OSHA and MOL recommend yearly independent inspections by a third party and monthly assessments by warehouse personnel.

What standards do your engineers refer to when performing racking inspections?
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In the U.S., the IBC (International Building Code) refers to MH16.1 (RMI Rack Design Standard) which defines how racks must be designed and maintained. In Canada, the latest NBC (National Building Code) refers to CSA S16 for the design of steel structures including racks. As this is a relatively new code, some provinces still use the previous rack design code A344.2.

What qualifications or certifications do your inspectors have? Do they get specific training?
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All Damotech inspectors have a bachelor’s degree in engineering. To be certified by Damotech, they undergo a rigorous training program at our facility with an experienced instructor and must then spend a set number of hours visiting warehouse facilities with a Damotech certified inspector.

Can you also address or repair the issues reported during a rack inspection?
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Yes, but our inspectors do not specify repair products as they must remain completely independent from the sales process. Our local Damotech representatives will gladly assist you in determining the best course of action to address the reported issues, whether it be repairing with engineered kits or replacing damaged components with OEM parts.

What do you look for during a rack inspection?
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During a conformity audit, Damotech's engineers walk your entire facility and perform a visual inspection of all the racking systems present.  They look for damaged rack components such as columns, beams and braces. They also search for missing anchors, safety pins, safety bars and more.  The report is stamped by an engineer and provides recommendations for bringing the systems back to conformity.

What is in the detailed inspection report?
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  • The inspection report (in electronic format) contains key findings and appendices to all issues noted during inspection (PDF and Excel). The Excel appendix contains hyperlinks to the original photos taken during the inspection. Anomalies are rated by priority from high to low. The report includes a plan view of the racking layout, linking the upright naming convention to a physical location in the warehouse.
  • The optional load capacity calculation report (in electronic format) presents the calculation results of the load capacity of the qualified racking systems in two appendices with elevation drawings (PDF and Excel).
  • All report data is also transferred to the Damotech Web Platform, providing real-time interaction and the possibility to continue regular inspections in your warehouse.
  • After receiving a load capacity report, Damotech provides end-of-aisle load capacity plaques or a plastic load capacity sticker label for each bay. These are to be installed by our local representative after you have read and approved the load capacity engineering report.
Why is inspection pricing not listed on your website?
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It’s not that we want to skirt around the subject of pricing. We like to know what things cost, too. Our racking inspection services are made-to-measure, and tailored to your specific needs. We inspect facilities large and small, anywhere in North America. Consequently, our pricing will factor geographic location, warehouse size, number of bays, type of environment (dry vs. cold storage) to offer you a detailed quote containing no surprises.
Request pricing or call 1-877-990-3266 and let us demonstrate the value of the engineering inspection services we provide.

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