How to Identify Pallet Rack Issues

On-Demand Educational Video

Learn how to identify & prioritize pallet rack issues in your warehouse

It’s not always easy to determine the severity of your rack damage. Is a collapse imminent or is the damage minor? In this webinar, a structural engineer will walk you through the most common issues and provide you with rules of thumb to assess pallet rack damage in your warehouse. Get answers to questions like: 

  • What should I look for when assessing pallet rack issues?
  • What is considered a damaged column or brace?
  • How can I evaluate issue severity?

Walk away with an engineer's insight on rack damage assessment and get clarity on how to make your warehouse safer!

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Charles Carbonneau
Chief Engineer at Damotech

Charles is a structural engineer (Ph.D.) with over 25 years of experience in structural dynamics. He is renowned for the depth of his knowledge about racking systems, and his dedication to finding innovative rack safety solutions.


Eric Manaigre
VP Sales at Damotech

Eric is an inspired sales leader with a proficiency in fast-paced and competitive environments. He is passionate about delivering winning sales strategies, positive revenue management, cost productivity savings and promoting coaching development.


About Damotech

Damotech is the largest and most trusted rack safety and repair company in North America. For 30 years, Damotech has been helping warehouse owners keep their warehouse environment safe by maintaining their rack’s structural integrity. Damotech’s rack repair and rack protection solutions are safe, cost-effective, and less disruptive to install than alternative solutions, making them the preferred choice of business-minded warehouse operators and safety managers. Damotech also performs rack conformity inspections, load capacity calculations, rack safety training and a state-of-the-art rack inspection management cloud platform.