Your Rack
Safety Partner

Want to improve safety in your warehouse? We have solutions!

Your Rack
Safety Partner

Want to improve safety in your warehouse? We have solutions!

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Rack Repair Kit


DamoPRO Pallet Rack Repair Kit

Rack Repair Kit


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DamotechGuard pallet rack protection guard

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DamotechShield building column protector for warehouse safety

Rack Repair


Damo Brace for rack repair


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Rack Safety Poster

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Brace Repair vs. Replacement

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Rack Inspection Checklist

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Damotech has all the expertise and engineering know-how to conduct the most thorough and  actionable rack conformity inspections.

All our inspections are performed by professional engineers. Our reports offer a comprehensive overview of the condition of your pallet racking systems by identifying any deficiency, damage or missing component. All discovered issues are assigned a priority level so you can prioritize accordingly. As part of the service, Damotech can also provide load capacity calculations and employee safety training.


Rack Safety Training

Under OSHA, employers are responsible for employee safety while in the workplace. Our safety trainings can help lower the number of incidents in your warehouse by educating your workers and management on recognizing rack safety issues and taking proper course of action when issues arise. Training your workforce on safety is one of the best investments your company can make to minimize unnecessary risk. Damotech courses are available either online by video-conferencing, or on-premise, at your warehouse or office location.

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Repair Damaged Racks Promptly with Specialized Rack Repair Kits

Damaged racks are a safety hazard and a hindrance to the performance of your warehouse. Rack repair kits from Damotech can be shipped in about 4 weeks and require no unloading of damaged racks in most situations.

Protect Your Warehouse or Racking Systems from Forklift Damage

Want to optimize your maintenance budgets and stop spending on damaged racks repair? Prevent damage in the first place with Damotech's heavy-duty warehouse and rack protection units.

Reduce Risks & Liabilities with Employee Rack Safety Training

Do you find it difficult to change your company's culture and make safety a top priority? Damotech can provide on-site rack safety training and tailored workshops by Professional Engineers and help make your warehouses safer.

Take Your Racking Inspection Process to the Next Level

Most companies don't have the tools in place to manage rack inspection scheduling or to report on fixing issues. The Damotech Software Platform makes it easier than ever to track your progress toward a safer warehouse.

Find a Partner that Understands Your Company's Unique Challenges

Whether your warehouse operates at a chilly minus-45 degrees, stores hazardous materials or works around the clock, Damotech has you covered with the most experienced and knowledgeable engineers in the industry and tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Maximize Multi-Warehouse Rack Operations Efficiency

A culture of safety is good for everyone: from warehouse maintenance workers all the way to corporate management. It's proven that companies with the highest safety standards perform better than their competitors! Damotech can help with defining company wide safety standards and ensuring OSHA safety compliance.

Why Damotech?

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