Passionate about your work? Join Damotech, a fast-growing company with a dynamic team. Our unique culture values collaboration, innovation, and commitment. Whether it's office or manufacturing roles in Boisbriand, or sales or engineering work in Toronto or the U.S., you can make Damotech your home. Get ready for your best job ever! Explore our full-time job openings or fill out this application form if your desired position isn't currently listed.

Engineering Department

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is at the heart of our commitment to safety and innovation. Our engineers are forward thinkers and industry leaders who push boundaries and embrace change, dedicated to being the best in the industry when it comes to pallet racks safety. We work collaboratively to design cutting-edge solutions that protect our customers’ investments and, most importantly, keep people safe. We also offer a comprehensive overview of the condition of our clients’ racking systems through our pallet rack inspection & audit services.  

If you’re passionate about engineering, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of rack safety! 

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Marketing Department

Marketing Department

In the Marketing Department at Damotech, were more than marketers; were storytellers and advocates for safety excellence. Our dedication means our customers are always top of mind. We thrive on collaboration, working closely with every department to communicate the importance of rack safety. We are the creative minds that innovate our brand, materials, and strategies, pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing.

If youre a forward-thinking, ambitious marketer who values safety and enjoys collaborating with a dynamic team, wed love to have you on board! 

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Software Development and IT Department

Software Development and IT Department

At Damotech, our Software Development and IT Department is the driving force behind our technological innovation and dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions. Were dedicated to being the best at what we do, with our customers always top of mind. Our team of developers are industry leaders, pushing the boundaries of technology to enhance rack safety. Collaboration is at the core of our work, as we partner with other departments to develop software and web applications that streamline safety processes and improve efficiency.

If youre a passionate, ambitious developer who thrives on innovation and values safety, join our team to help us create digital solutions that make a real impact in the world of rack safety! 

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Administration Department

Administration Department

At Damotech, our Administration Department is the backbone that ensures the smooth and efficient operation of our organization. Were dedicated to continuously improving ourselves and our processes. Collaboration is key, as we work together to support all departments. We keep the office running smoothly so that our colleagues can focus on what they do best—ensuring rack safety and innovation.

If youre an efficient, detail-oriented professional who loves to contribute to a positive workplace, we welcome you to join our team and be part of our fun and dedicated work environment! 

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Human Ressources Department

Human Ressources Department

At Damotech, our Human Resources Department is the heart of our commitment to nurturing a positive and productive workplace culture. Were dedicated to being the best at what we do, always keeping our employees well-being in mind. We work collaboratively to attract, develop, and retain top talent who share our values of dedication, innovation, collaboration, and happiness at work.

If youre passionate about creating a thriving work environment and are driven by the pursuit of excellence, join our HR team to help us find and develop players who will contribute to our success! 

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Production Department

Production Department

The Production Department plays a critical role in bringing safety solutions to life. Our dedication to excellence is evident in the precision and quality of the products we manufacture. We are forward-thinking and continuously seek innovative ways to improve our processes. Collaboration is key, as we work closely together to ensure the highest level of quality and safety in every custom-made product we create.

If youre a hands-on, ambitious individual who takes pride in producing top-notch solutions, join us to be part of a team that values efficiency, innovation, and safety above all! 

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Sales Department

Sales Department

In the Sales Department, we are the front-line ambassadors of safety and innovation. We are dedicated to being the best at what we do, with our customers always top of mind. We thrive on innovation and pushing the boundaries of traditional sales approaches. Collaboration is essential as we work closely with other departments to ensure our customers have access to the best rack safety solutions.

If youre an ambitious, customer-focused professional who values safety and enjoys working with a dynamic team, join us to help our customers make informed choices that prioritize safety and efficiency! 

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Spontaneous Application

Spontaneous Application

Are you passionate about what you do? Do you feel like joining a fast-growing company with a dynamic team of professionals? Damotech has a unique corporate culture that rewards collaboration, innovation, and commitment. Join us and get ready for the best job you've ever had. If the position you are looking for is not currently posted, fill out this form instead.

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Health & Wellbeing

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Work/Life Balance

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Every Day Fun

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Damotech's manufacture employee

Our values


We strive to be the best at what we do.
Our customers are always top of mind.

We are forward thinkers and industry leaders.
We push boundaries and embrace change.

We work together because it makes us better.
We challenge and accept being challenged.

We are positive and open-minded.
We look forward to work because it’s fun.

We are doers who focus on continuously improving ourselves.
We believe there's always a better way, and we find it.

Eric Naaman on the cove of the Montreal Gazette

Eric Naaman, a Dream Boss

Damotech's President and CEO was named Dream Boss by the Montreal Gazette! Read about how he helps his employees realize lifelong dreams, takes them on trips under the sun when the company meets yearly objectives and makes sure working at Damotech is a fulfilling life experience.


Damotech employee parachute jump

30+ Years of Success

At Damotech, our employees are at the center of our success. To thank them for their efforts and celebrate our 30 years in business, we've decided to help 30 employees realize one of their lifelong dreams, whether it be to travel, go skydiving or drive fast cars! Take a look!

30 Dreams

Team-Building in Mexico

As a reward for reaching our sales and business objectives, the entire Damotech team traveled to Mexico for a fun-filled team-building retreat. We had a fantastic time participating in beach activities, sharing dinners, and much more...


Damotech Success Testimonial Quotes

The atmosphere is excellent and there is good team spirit. There are all kinds of benefits, like when Damotech flew us all to Cuba or Mexico because we had achieved company objectives.

Louis Roy

Foreman, Damotech

At Damotech, we're like one big family. Everyone gets along. I like the collaboration and the fact that we are always busy with new challenges! We also manufacture products that make warehouse employees safer, and that's especially important to me.

Jessica Gascon

Administrative Assistant, Damotech

Working for Damotech is the best career decision I've made. Damotech rewards performance and hard work. This enabled me to go from being a draftsman to managing a team in a matter of years.

Alexis Labelle

Integrated Sales Manager, Damotech

I enjoy working in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. It looks good, it's clean, and it's safe. Managers put great emphasis on communication, teamwork and company success.

Félix Tardif

Welder, Damotech

The work at Damotech never ceases to amaze me. As a prospect engineer, I get to work with leaders in the industry who love to share their knowledge and empower their team members. Fun workplace with tons of “can-do attitude” and a mix of travel experience like no other!

Katerine Ortiz

Engineer, Damotech