Why Damotech?

No matter your challenges, the size of your warehouse, or the industry you are in, our dedicated team of rack safety experts will cater to your specific needs. By partnering with Damotech, you will benefit from all our expertise and gain access to the largest warehouse safety network in North America.

Rack Safety Solutions

Engineering Services

Damotech's in-house engineers are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. They offer expert engineering services focused exclusively on warehouse racking systems and their safety. Learn more about our rack audit, load capacity calculation, and warehouse safety training services.

Rack Protection & Repair

Damotech offers reputed rack repair kits and damage prevention products for your pallet racking systems and warehouse. We strive to put an end to the endless cycle of upright replacement. Protect your racking systems, but also your warehouse equipment, building columns, and most important of all: employees.

Rack Maintenance Software

Damotech is the only company in the industry to offer a software platform that manages your rack assets and inspections. Accessible through the Cloud, the Damotech Platform and mobile app make it easier than ever to track your progress toward a safer warehouse.

Solutions for your unique challenges

VP of Operations / Facilities Director

VP of Operations / Facilities Director

Maximize Multi-Warehouse Rack Operations Efficiency

As a manager, you are concerned about both safety and profitability. Companies who establish a culture of safety find it beneficial for both workers and management. Moreover, from a manager’s perspective, the reduction of accident-related expenses can directly impact a company's bottom line, as well as workers' compensation and productivity costs.

We’ll support you in implementing:

  • Consistent inspections and solutions nationwide
  • Compliance with OSHA's safety guidelines
  • Maintenance programs and best safety practices to keep warehouse staff injury-free
  • Risk mitigation
  • Multi-warehouse rack management software

Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager

Rack Repair and Damage Prevention Made Easy

Want to maximize your maintenance budgets and stop replacing your damaged racks? While safety doesn't always mesh with the realities of a fast-paced warehouse environment, there are ways of finding peace of mind, so you can focus on operating your warehouse.

Here’s What We Can Offer You: 

  • Repair rack damage once and for all (permanently)
  • Assess areas where issues can easily be prevented
  • Help establish an inspection and maintenance program
  • Meet and exceed OSHA’s safety guidelines
  • Keep your staff injury-free through training
  • Inspection and rack management software

Health & Safety Manager

Health & Safety Manager

Reduce Risk By Training Warehouse Employees on Safety 

Are you the safety driver in your company? Do you find it difficult to change the culture and make safety a top priority? Change in a company’s safety culture can happen through customized training, enabling workers with practical knowledge about racks and their safety.

Here's What We Can Offer You:

  • Safety training on-site, at your facility
  • Tailored workshops adapted to your companies’ safety goals
  • Meet and exceed OSHA’s safety guidelines
  • Services and training provided by Professional Engineers
  • Software for keeping track of conformity and inspections

Rack Safety Solutions for your Industry

Every industry faces its own unique set of challenges. Whether your warehouse operates at a chilly minus-40 degrees, stores hazardous materials or works around the clock, we promise we'll make your pallet racking systems are as safe as it gets and any outstanding issues get addressed promptly!

Food & Beverage / Cold Storage   •   E-Commerce / Distribution  •   Automotive  •   Big-Box Retail   •   Pharmaceuticals

table full of fruits and vegetables

Food & Beverage / Cold Storage

Key Characteristics:

  • Medium to large warehousing that requires frequent and fast inventory turns
  • Forklift drivers paid for speed of picking
  • Drive-in style of racking is common
  • Prone to recurring and severe rack damage
  • Limited floor stacking space
  • Costly pallet positions

What We Can Offer:

Due to the costly nature of this type of warehousing, putting in a quick and permanent stop to the cycle of damaged rack replacement is key. Damotech’s Pro line of rack repair kits provides a durable and lifetime guaranteed solution to rack damage that can be installed in under an hour, and in most cases, without the hassle of unloading your racks.

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warehouse distribution center

E-commerce / Distribution

Key Characteristics:

  • Extensive warehousing that requires frequent inventory turns
  • Prone to moderate rack damage
  • Costly pallet positions
  • Impact on operations during peak seasons can be significant

What We Can Offer:

Frequent inventory turns will often cause repeat damage to pallet racks and can slow delivery of product to consumers at the most inconvenient of times. Damotech’s prevention and rack repair offerings provide cost-effective ways to address recurring rack damage.

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Key Characteristics:

  • Small to medium storage areas for manufacturing sub-components
  • Frequent rack beam elevation changes to accommodate product dimensions
  • Rack damage somewhat common
  • Inoperative pallet positions can materially impact production line, costing business significantly

What We Can Offer:

Damage to an automotive manufacturers’ pallet racking can have a significant and costly impact on their operations. As a result, putting a fast, efficient and permanent stop to the cycle of damaged rack replacement is imperative. With a class-leading manufacturing lead-time of around 4 weeks, Damotech’s rack repair products provide a time-tested engineered solution to costly rack damage.

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Big-Box Retail

Key Characteristics:

  • Small to medium storage
  • Light rack damage common
  • Heightened safety due to the public's access
  • Inspection programs can be difficult to implement consistently and efficiently

What We Can Offer:

When your company’s footprint spans a continent and has hundreds, if not thousands of locations, having a reliable and efficient rack inspection program is a must. Damotech’s engineering services specialize in the development and execution of pallet rack inspection programs that cater to a variety of our customers’ needs. Based on the codes and standards provided by the Rack Manufacturer’s Institute (RMI), ANSI, and CSA, Damotech can quickly and professionally assess your situation and provide you with actionable information.

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Pharmaceuticals drugs


Key Characteristics:

  • Medium to large warehousing that requires moderate inventory turns
  • Prone to light and moderate rack damage
  • The industry is highly regulated
  • Companies tend to have very high standards for rack safety

What We Can Offer:

Although inventory turns aren’t as frequent as in other industries, pallet rack damage to pharmaceutical companies’ pallet racking can have a significant and costly impact on their manufacturing and distribution operations. With trained engineers on staff, Damotech has the industry know-how to independently assess pallet racking conformity and recommend the appropriate solutions to put a stop to the risks associated with rack damage.

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Damotech Advantages

North American Network

As the largest provider of rack safety solutions in North America, we are the partner to help you achieve your safety goals. Whether you are in California, Vermont, Hawaii or Ontario, we have experts ready to service your warehouse locally.

Experience You Can Trust

With over 30 years of experience, we have the expertise and know-how to address your rack safety challenges. Our dedicated team of engineers and rack experts provide a one-stop-shop for everything rack safety.

Peace of Mind

Installing our repair kits ensures you will never have to address the same issue again. The same cannot be said of OEM replacement parts, which may be damaged repeatedly. Better yet, prevent damage before it occurs by installing our protection products.

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Rack Safety Experts

Whether you manage a single warehouse or operate multiple distribution centers, our goal is to make your job easier and safer.

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