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What is the best way to get in touch with a Damotech expert?
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Simply contact us on our website or give us a call. We will put you in touch with the most appropriate expert to answer any questions you might have.


I have multiple facilities across the country. Can you service them all?
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Of course. Damotech has a network of specialized dealers that can service your warehouses anywhere in North America, regardless of geographic location. This means all of your facilities can be serviced consistently.

What has Damotech done to limit its impact on the environment?
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Damotech has built a LEED-certified facility, the result of several years of careful planning and reflection to significantly optimize our production line, improve our environmental performance and ultimately, better serve our customers. Some steps we've taken:

  • Going paperless and using technology and software to track orders and their production.
  • Painting products in-house – eliminating the need to outsource this step, greatly reducing lead time, extra transport and packaging.
  • Facility built for energy efficiency, greater ventilation and recycling of heat emanating from the oven.
  • Use of electrostatic powder coated paint, a process that leads to less waste, offering a durable finish, and no harmful emanations (VOC).
  • No part of our manufacturing process requires water, meaning nothing is rejected in the sewage system.
  • All metal scraps are recycled.
  • The rack repair process itself is less wasteful as only the damaged part of the rack is removed, reducing the amount of steel that must be discarded.
Why is rack safety important?
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Warehouse operators are legally responsible for providing a safe workplace to their employees. The improper use, selection, installation or maintenance of racking and storage systems may put workers at risk of injury and expose employers to serious liability in case of accident.

Rack safety is key towards:

  • Protecting your employees and assets.
  • Reducing the risks of damaging products and equipment.
  • Managing your operations efficiently.
  • Compliance with (OHSA) and its regulations.
How do you ship your products? Can you ship products outside of North America?
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We ship our products via a roster of trusted delivery companies and providers of specialized transportation and logistics services. The choice of carrier depends on the customer's location and preference. We currently don't offer our products or services outside of North America, only in the US and Canada.

How do I get more information on pricing for your products and services?
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Contact us on our website or call us at 1-877-990-DAMO (3266) and we'll get you started on receiving a quote. Depending on the product you need, we may need to visit your warehouse to assess the damage or take some necessary measurements.

If you already know which product or service you need, use one of the following forms:

Do you manufacture or sell entire racking systems?
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No, Damotech is not a rack manufacturer, and we do not directly sell racking systems. We design, manufacture, sell and install protection and repair units for your racking systems.
Why is pricing not listed on your website?
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It’s not that we want to skirt around the subject of pricing. We like to know what things cost, too.
Our rack protection and rack repair products are made-to-measure, and we always tailor our inspection and training services to customers’ specific needs. We inspect facilities large and small, and repair damage anywhere in North America. Consequently, our pricing will factor geographic location, volume, freight, and installation costs. In most cases, a rack expert will visit your warehouse to assess the damage and take necessary measurements for a perfect product fit and a detailed quote containing no surprises.

To get more information on pricing; request a free quote or call 1-877-990-3266 and let us demonstrate the value of the products and services we provide.


How do you assess the condition of a racking system?
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Damotech has a network of specialized dealers that can survey racks and service your warehouse. They can suggest the right rack repair kits and protection products, free of charge. Get a free damage assessment.

They can also help determine if a more complete and thorough assessment of your racking systems is required. In that case, our engineers can perform a conformity inspection and provide you with a comprehensive report about your facility to give you an overall picture of your racking system's condition and compliance.

How often should I get my rack systems inspected?
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It depends on the size and the amount of movement in your warehouse. Inspections should be done on an ongoing basis, throughout the year. We recommend a complete inspection quarterly and a third-party inspection annually.

What is in the conformity inspection report?
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Our actionable inspection report includes:

  • Outlined inspection procedures and field observations.
  • Recommendations.
  • Summary location plans of the inspected systems.
  • A proposal for repair, if requested.

The report is delivered with an electronic Excel table listing all noted issues with hyperlinks to the pictures taken during the inspection. This document greatly helps in managing the issues.

What is the cost for a conformity inspection or load calculations?
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The cost depends on several factors such as the scope of the project (how many rack systems or bays), the environment of the warehouse (dry, cold, blast freezer) and the location of the warehouse. Pricing can also be more advantageous if both services are done at the same time. Contact us to discuss your project and receive a quote.

What do you inspect? What are you looking for?
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During a conformity inspection, Damotech personnel walk the facility and provide a visual inspection of the racks.  Observations include damages to columns, beams and braces, missing anchors, safety pins, safety bars and more.  The report is signed by an engineer and provides recommendations on bringing the systems back to conformity following the CAN/CSA A344 and MH16.1 (RMI) standards.

What standards do your engineers, services and products abide by?
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In the US, the IBC (International Building Code) refers to MH16.1 (RMI's Rack Design Standard) which defines how racks should be designed and maintained. In Canada, the latest NBC (National Building Code) refers to CSA S16 for the design of steel structures including racks. As this is a relatively new code, some provinces still use the previous rack design code A344.

Who are your inspectors? What type of certifications do they have?
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All of our inspectors possess a bachelor’s degree in engineering. They undergo extensive training at our facility and are supervised by experienced engineers. They spend a minimum period of supervised hours in multiple warehouse environments to gain experience and obtain Damotech's certification.

Can you also address or repair the issues reported during a rack inspection?
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Inspectors do not specify repair products as they must remain independent of sales. Our local Damotech representative will gladly assist you in determining the best course of action to address the issues, whether it be repairing or replacing damaged components.

Do I need load capacities displayed on my racks?
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Yes. North American building codes refer to the rack design standards in which it is indicated that the rack's load capacity must be displayed. Neither code imposes a method, but load capacity labels placed on each bay or load capacity plaques placed at the end of aisles are the most common.

Do I need to buy repair products from Damotech after you’ve inspected my warehouse?
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No, you don't. Our inspectors and engineers remain independent from our rack repair services. Their primary goal is to provide the most accurate inspection of your racking systems. Their reports are signed and stamped, and they must abide by their local engineering order and professional code of ethics.

You can address the deficiencies reported by the inspector in different ways:

  • Replacing the damaged components with OEM parts.
  • Finding a repair provider other than Damotech.
  • Or working with Damotech's team to handle the whole process and fix deficiencies with our unique repair kits. This can save you from having to deal with multiple suppliers.
What happened to Racknowledge?
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As of January 2019, Racknowledge and Damotech have merged to join forces as a single company. All products and services will be offered by Damotech making it simpler for customers to get all the safety expertise they need under one roof.

How can I tell if my rack is damaged and needs repair?
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The best way is to contact Damotech. We'll send the right expert to visit your warehouse and assess the status of your racks. You can also take a look at our Blog or the Resources section of our website to learn more about rack damage assessment guidelines.

Can you train my employees on rack safety and identifying rack damage?
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Yes, definitely! Visit our Rack Safety Training page to learn more about our training offer.

How long does it take to receive the report after the conformity inspection has been done?
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Project duration may span anywhere from three to four weeks, depending on the scope of the work. We typically provide the report within a week after visiting your warehouse. Contact us to speak with an expert.


I have damaged uprights, what should I do?
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A warehouse racking system is like a living entity that is constantly in flux. As frames get damaged, they lose some capacity. We recommended you label and unload the damaged bay and contact a rack specialist as soon as possible.

Do your protection and repair units fit on any type of rack?
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Yes, they do. We have yet to find a rack we can't repair! Damotech has developed the expertise to repair any type of rack, even racks that are no longer manufactured. We have yet to meet a type of rack that has left us stumped but we are always ready for the challenge!

After being repaired, will my rack hold the same capacity?
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Yes. Our repair kits maintain the original configuration of the upright and respect the original loading capacity of the rack system. The repair does not diminish its loading capacity.

Can I use your protection and repair units in a seismic zone?
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Definitely. Our repair and protection products are manufactured for seismic applications. They have a wider footplate and seismic anchors are supplied with the units.

Is repairing an upright cheaper than replacing it?
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Yes. Replacing an upright is not the best solution as it's ripe for being damaged again as soon as it's installed. You also have to dismantle your rack to replace it. By comparison, a DAMO PRO is a permanent solution that requires minimal unloading and comes with a lifetime warranty. Install it and forget it. Although the costs of an upright replacement and a Damotech repair are similar, once the values of time, safety, permanence and ease of installation are taken into account, the value proposition of the DAMO PRO becomes very clear.

Learn more about the benefits of rack repair vs. replacement in our infographics:

How long will it take to manufacture and ship the repair units?
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Lead time will vary based on the type of product being ordered and demand. Protection products are usually in stock and can be shipped in a matter of days. Repair products are made-to-measure and generally ship in about 4 weeks.

What does DBRS stand for?
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Doubled Back Reinforcement System. It simply means that the kit will repair both the front and back columns.

Has an engineer tested your repair solutions?
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Yes. Providing you with stamped documentation for your repair unit is not a problem. All our products are tested and approved by engineers and are put through rigorous testing before they become part of our product line. They are also designed and tested for use in seismic applications.

Will you tell me what type of repair kit I need for every damaged location?
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Yes. Our repair specialist will assess the condition of your warehouse and advise you on what type of rack repair kits you need for every location.

Can your products be installed in cold storage?
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Yes. In fact, they perform very well in such environments and can be galvanized, if requested.

Can I purchase a galvanized version of your products?
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Yes. All of our products can be galvanized if requested.

Can you repair cantilevered / slanted racking systems?
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Yes, we most certainly can. Our DAMO PRO repair kit can repair cantilevered racks. The CAN option is meant to repair already cantilevered uprights.


How does your warranty work?
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It's the best in the industry! Products from our PRO line come with a lifetime warranty against impact. If you damage one of our upright repair units during the course of normal warehouse operations, we will replace it. The warranty is valid as long as you own that racking system. Our Flex line and protection products comes with a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Can I install your repair kits myself?
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Our kits are installed by trained and certified installers. Handling rack repairs is serious and must be done by qualified technicians. Learn more about our installation process on our How it Works page.

Is your crew disruptive to my warehouse operations?
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A significant advantage of Damotech's products is the ease of install. Damotech has developed a patented installation method, using a lifting device that allows the repairs to take place with minimal to no unloading of the rack. Imagine the convenience of not having to move merchandise from aisle to aisle just to clear some bays, as you would during an upright replacement. Using the DAMO EASY LIFT during installation is a huge time saver, which helps you improve productivity by minimizing downtime. See the demo video on our homepage.

How long does it take to repair an upright?
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Our repair kits can usually be installed in less than 45 minutes. The duration may vary depending on the size of the unit and the environment in which it is installed.

Will I be required to get a hot (welding) permit?
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No, as all of Damotech's products are installed without creating sparks and are bolted-on without ever requiring on-site welding.

Are your installers certified to do the repair work?
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All of our installers are certified annually by Damotech and are trained to repair racking systems safely and efficiently.


What does the Damotech Platform do exactly?
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The Damotech Platform helps warehouse operators manage their racking assets by giving them real-time access to rack inspection and maintenance data. It is accessible through the Cloud and tracks your company's progress toward a safer warehouse. Learn more about the Damotech Platform.

How do I get access to the Platform?
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If you already have an account, go to the 'My Damotech' menu at the top of our website and then click on 'Damotech Platform'. Next, enter your email, your password, and click on 'Sign In' to start using the Platform.

If you don't have an account, simply book a personalized demo with one of our software experts. You'll get a complete tour of the software, and we'll explain the next steps to gain access and start improving safety in your warehouse.

Can the software manage multiple warehouses?
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Yes, most definitely. The software was designed from the ground up to support our national clients that have hundreds if not thousands of warehouses.

Can I download your software?
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The Damotech Platform is available online, accessible through your web browser, wherever you are in the world. There's no need to download software on your computer.

The Damotech Platform is offered as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) and everything from the application to your warehouse data is securely hosted in the cloud. That means you're always using the latest and greatest software version and no installation is ever required.

There are also mobile apps for smartphones or tablets that are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Where can I use the Platform? What type of computer do I need?
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The Damotech Platform is available online and accessible through your web browser, no matter where you are in the world. As long as you have internet access, any computer with the latest version of your browser of choice, you will have access to the Damotech Platform.

There are also mobile apps for smartphones or tablets that are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Is the Damotech Platform accessible on my mobile phone or tablet?
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The Damotech Platform is available online and accessible through your web browser, whether on a desktop or a mobile device, as long as you have internet access.

Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets are also available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The mobile apps have the added benefit of allowing you to conduct your rack safety surveys offline and then sync your data into the Damotech Platform once an internet connection is established.

There is no internet connectivity in my warehouse, can I still use the Damotech Platform?
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Our mobile apps allow you to conduct your rack safety surveys offline (no internet connection) and then sync your data back into the Damotech Platform once an internet connection is re-established. This can be done over WIFI, LTE or 5G.

You can download our mobile apps from  the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


How much does the Damotech Platform cost?
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The price for the Damotech Platform varies based on the number of warehouses, their sizes (number of bays), and if engineering services are needed (inspection and/or load capacity calculations). 

To get an estimate, contact one of our experts or book a personalized demo.


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