Guide to Pallet Rack Protection & Repair

This guide outlines simple yet effective ways to prevent and address rack damage in warehouses while also minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance costs.

It covers:

  • Employee training
  • Protective solutions
  • Warehouse safety
  • Rack damage solutions
  • Selecting a rack safety partner

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Guide to pallet rack protection and repair by Damotech


Learn about training warehouse employees on rack safety

The best way to limit accidents in a warehouse is to train employees on safety. Learn how a warehouse safety program can educate workers on best safety practices and lower the impact of rack damage on operations.

Damo Guard_installed

Learn about protecting your pallet racks from forklift damage

Forklift accidents are not going away any time soon, that is why protecting your warehouse should be a top priority. Learn how installing protection units on racks, on building columns, and around pedestrian areas or equipment is critical to the safe operation of your warehouse.


Learn how to best address rack damage in your warehouse

There are many ways to address damage to a pallet rack upright. And fortunately, unloading all your pallets may not even be required. Learn how rack repair kits may be an easier and more cost-effective solution for fixing damaged uprights.