A versatile and cost-effective solution for the repair and protection of damaged uprights.
It comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty and is designed to fit on any racking system.

rack repair kits

Why repair?

When faced with a damaged upright, one can choose to repair the damaged part or replace the entire upright. In reality, pallet rack repair kits are a simpler and more cost-effective solution.

Damotech's rack repair kits are built to measure and fit on any type of rack from any manufacturer. They respect the original configuration of the rack, maintain its load capacity and offer protection against future impacts.

DamoPro_B and A

Less Downtime

Lead time for receiving pallet rack repair kits is much shorter (a few weeks) than ordering replacement parts from an OEM, which can take months to arrive. A Damotech repair requires minimal to no unloading of the racks, while a replacement forces you to unload the merchandise, place it elsewhere, dismantle the rack and un-clip all the beams.


Lifetime Warranty

Our DAMO PRO repair kits are robust and permanent and come with a lifetime warranty against impact, offering you true peace of mind. Replacement parts, on the other hand, are at risk of getting hit again the minute you install them.


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