Pallet racking bracing repair kit: Damo Brace

Save 85% by replacing a damaged brace vs. replacing the entire upright.

A universal pallet rack bracing design for the replacement of damaged or missing horizontal and diagonal braces. It maintains the original configuration of a rack upright. The DAMO BRACE is unique in its kind as it prevents the replacement of the entire upright if only the braces are damaged. If you've identified brace damage in your warehouse, our repair kit is your most cost-effective solution. 

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Pallet racking bracing repair kit: Damo Brace

DAMO BRACE Adjustable Length







DAMO BRACE Adjustable Length








Easy to Install Yourself

Damo Brace Slider easy to install


Adjustable Length & Angle

Damo Brace: repairs horizontal or diagonal braces


Great Investment

Damo Brace Ajustable angle detail


Short Lead Time

Damo Brace in paint shop


Get Ahead of Damage

Damo Brace adjustable repair kit

Quick and Easy to Install

The DAMO BRACE repair kit includes all necessary hardware and can be installed easily when brace damage occurs. The damaged brace is simply removed and then replaced with the adjustable kit that can be fitted to any style of rack. The high-quality steel design offers powerful resistance to all future impact. 

The Benefits

Heavy Duty

We use high-quality structural steel with a heavy gauge to offer true impact resistance.

Custom Finish

We offer the possibility of choosing a special paint color for your brace or galvanizing the unit.

Powder Coated Paint

This process is done in our new facility and offers durability in a longer-lasting finish.

Bolt-On Kits

All of our units are shipped ready to be installed with the necessary hardware. No welding is done on-site.

Can Install Yourself

You can install the DAMO BRACE yourself in under 30 minutes.

Any Type of Rack

We will repair and protect any type of rack, even those that are no longer manufactured.


At Damotech, we stand behind our products. The DAMO BRACE comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. This means that the product you purchase will be free from defects in material and workmanship.

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When faced with damaged racking components, one can choose to repair them with dedicated repair units or replace them with original OEM parts. Rack repair products offer several advantages :


Our repair products are durable, robust, and come with a warranty that provides full peace of mind. Replacing with OEM parts means your uprights remain vulnerable to impact and may get damaged again and again.

Quick Delivery

Lead time for Damotech products is short. Units are ready to ship in less than two weeks. 

Less Disruptive

The installation process is quick and easy. It's more cost-effective and has less impact on your day to day operations.

All these reasons make our repair products a smarter solution and a better long-term investment. 
Visit the Why Damotech page to learn why top warehouse operators trust Damotech as their partner for rack safety.

Our rack repair solutions are designed to respect the specifications of your original racking system. They restore the original load capacity while extending their lifespan — safely and permanently.

Our experts will visit your warehouse, take all the necessary measurements and specify the right product for each reported deficiency.

Our units are made-to-measure for your specific needs. No matter the dimensions, finish (paint color, galvanization), type of foot plate (seismic), or rack configuration, we'll custom build the units to your exact requirements.

Our repair kits can be installed by our certified installers or by your own maintenance crew in under 30 minutes. 

We aim to have your made-to-measure repair units ready to ship in less than two weeks. 

1 2 3
1 Bolts
This brace comes with 3 - 3/8"bolts - Grade 5.
2 Paint Color
The standard paint color is orange, but a special paint color to match your rack can be requested.
3 Flexible
The design is universal, with its pivoting head it can be installed in both diagonal and horizontal configurations.
Damotech Success Testimonial Quotes & Reviews

Safely managing storage rack systems across a network of warehouses can become overwhelming. With Damotech we have found an industry partner for education, engineering support, repairs and protection. Their quality and customer service is first class.

Pehr Peterson

Director of Construction and Asset Management
Reyes Holdings, LCC

The Damotech Platform is critical in maintaining control over warehouse safety. It's useful as it provides online access to all the inspection reports. Plus, our managers have great confidence in Damotech's repair kits.

Réjean Ardouin

Maintenance Supervisor

I want to share my satisfaction with your professional service and products. Your pallet rack repair system is so incredible that it made our warehouse safer without affecting our daily operations.

Jocelyn Proulx

Warehouse Director

We've been using Damotech for 10 years and are satisfied with their quick service. They know rack safety and are attentive to our needs. We always get clear answers in a short time if not on the spot. Plus, their products are of impeccable quality and reliability.

Gilbert Marois

Team Lead, Maintenance
Prinoth Ltée

The safety of our employees is paramount, and Damotech has manufactured custom-made protective fences for our pedestrian walkways that are forklift-proof! We are more than satisfied and will change all the old ones for these because they are superior.

Stéphane Ouellet

Warehouse Supervisor
Yoplait (General Mills)

Damotech performed a full conformity inspection to help us comply with local standards. Their expertise has made our racks safer as they have guided us in establishing a rack review and awareness protocol for our workers' safety.

Mathieu Caron

Director of Production

Over the years, we had accumulated several brands of racks in our warehouse. There was confusion surrounding their capacity and costly proposals to ensure their compliance. Damotech proved to be a partner of choice to regulate all of our installations.

Philip O'Shaughnessy, P. Eng., MBA

Plant Manager

For 15 years, we have relied on Damotech for the safety of our pallet racks. Damotech is the reference in the industry! We trust them 100% when it comes to the safety of our warehouse.

Martin Grou

Transportation Supervisor

We have established a relationship of trust with Damotech because of the speed and quality of their service. Their involvement was remarkable when we needed it most. We are now equipped to manage and maintain our pallet racks securely thanks to their web platform.

Kevin Pelletier

Maintenance Manager


How long will it take to manufacture the repair units?
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Lead time is generally under two weeks.

I have several types of racks in my warehouse. Can you repair all of them?
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Damotech has developed the expertise to repair any type of rack, even racks that are no longer manufactured. We have yet to meet a type of rack that we can't repair, but we are always ready for the challenge!

Why is pricing not listed on your website?
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It’s not that we want to skirt around the subject of pricing. We like to know what things cost, too.
Our rack protection and rack repair products are made-to-measure, and we always tailor our inspection and training services to customers’ specific needs. We inspect facilities large and small, and repair damage anywhere in North America. Consequently, our pricing will factor geographic location, volume, freight, and installation costs. In most cases, a rack expert will visit your warehouse to assess the damage and take necessary measurements for a perfect product fit and a detailed quote containing no surprises.
To get more information on pricing; request a free quote or call 1-877-990-3266 and let us demonstrate the value of the products and services we provide.


Has an engineer tested your solutions?
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Yes. All our products are tested and approved by professional engineers and are put through rigorous testing before they become part of our product line. They are designed for and safe to use in seismic areas.

I have multiple facilities across the country. Could you service them all?
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Of course. The advantage of using bolt-on solutions is the consistency achieved by systematically using these products. Damotech has a network of specialized dealers that can service your warehouses anywhere in North America, regardless of geographic location. This means all of your facilities can be serviced consistently.

How do I find a Damotech Dealer?
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Our dealer network is extensive. Simply contact us so we can put you in touch with a local dealer.

How can I tell if my rack is damaged?
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We've prepared a Damage Assessment Guide on the subject, and also offer safety training for those who work with pallet racking systems and wish to know more about their safety. If you have a doubt about particular damage, we suggest you contact us so we can take a look and suggest the best solution to fix it.
Male rack safety expert

Rack Experts

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