Under OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Act) standards, an employer is responsible for the health and safety of its employees in the workplace. Training of employees on rack safety can significantly lower the number of incidents and educate workers on proper course of action when safety issues do come up. Training your workforce on safety is one of the best investments your company can make to provide a safer work environment and reduce associated liability risks.



Pallet racks are an essential part of warehouses across North America. For cold environments or industries with high velocity warehouses, like the food and beverages industry, there is bound to be damage from forklift traffic. Unfortunately, the storage racks are too often neglected, damage accumulates and their structural integrity gets compromised.

When employees understand the potential hazards and know the proper course of action when an event occurs, safety is drastically improved.

There are many consequences to employees lacking rack safety knowledge:

  • Increased damage to racking system, products or facilities
  • Increased risk of injuries or worse, fatalities
  • Lost of productivity and efficiency
  • Increased insurance costs
  • Costly legal liabilities
  • Decreased employee retention and well-being
warehouse racking inspection training


Our engineers will travel to your facility and train your employees on warehouse racking safety and deficiency diagnostic. The pallet rack safety course is split in two parts:

  • An instructor-led classroom session on safety guidelines with slides and supporting material.
  • A practical workshop in your warehouse on how to assess damage.

Have specific requirements or time considerations? Our training sessions can be tailored to your needs.


Course Content

Here is an outline of the topics that will be addressed during the on-site training:

  • The fundamentals of pallet racking, risks, and regulations
  • How to assess a rack's condition and identify damage
  • How to report damage
  • How to prioritize severity of issues
  • The advantages of prevention and protection
  • Addressing damage: repair kits vs. replacement of damaged components
  • How to implement a safety protocol
  • How to keep track of drawings (LARCs or PSRs), load capacities and other essential documents
  • Review of case studies
  • Next steps for you and your company


Safer Warehouse

A safe warehouse is good for everyone. It reduces stress for managers and floor employees and is likely to increase productivity.

Certified Engineers

Training sessions are given by professional engineers with many years of experience running conformity inspections for Fortune 500 companies.

Reduced Risk

When employees are knowledgeable about pallet rack safety, they are better equipped and more likely to take proper action when damage occurs.

Rack Safety Program

Rack safety training is an integral part of any rack safety program. Along with safety inspections, training demonstrates a company's dedication to its employees' well-being and reduces the risk of potential liabilities.

Anywhere in North America

Our engineers will travel anywhere in Canada and the U.S., including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska to train your employees on rack safety.

Most Trusted

Hundreds of small, medium and large corporations trust Damotech as their preferred rack safety partner.


Who should attend training on rack safety?
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Our training is typically aimed at warehouse employees, managers, maintenance personnel and forklift drivers.

Will I become a certified inspector after taking this course?
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No, becoming an inspector would require more hours of training and certification. But you will be knowledgeable enough to assess most rack deficiencies and take proper actions to address them.

Is this a course for forklift drivers?
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Yes, but it is also suited for executives, managers and warehouse workers.

What body of standards does your training program comply to?
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The training is based on the American and Canadian rack design codes as well as the industry’s best practices.

Will you travel anywhere in North America to train my employees?
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We cover all of Canada and the US including Alaska, Hawaï and Puerto Rico.

Can you also train my employees on repairing damaged racks?
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Damotech does provide such training for national account clients that have dedicated rack maintenance crews. Contact us for more information.

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