How often should I get my rack systems inspected?

Racks should be inspected regularly to ensure that you are offering a safe work environement to your employees.

There is no clear rule on the frequency of inspections or when they are required. It depends on the size and the amount of movement in your warehouse. We recommend that inspections be done on an ongoing basis, throughout the year. Additionally, we recommend a complete and thorough inspection annually, and preferably performed by a third-party.

Here are examples of moments when you may need to get your racking systems inspected:

  • Your documentation is incomplete, or you cannot find your LARC drawings (Load Application and Rack Configuration).
  • A reconfiguration of the racks
  • After a new rack installation, you may need it to be validated by a 3rd party
  • After an accident, collapse or earthquake
  • As part of a corporate safety initiative
  • After an OSHA visit (US) or governing safety bodies like Ministry of Labour (Canada)
  • Pre-purchase or when a change of tenant occurs
  • For performance benchmarking

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