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How to calculate the number of bays

One bay is the space between two uprights, no matter how many beam or rail levels there are or how deep the pallets can go (except for drive-thru that count as 2 bays).

Number of Bays Count


How is the pricing of a rack inspection determined?
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At Damotech, we provide a transparent and comprehensive approach to pricing for rack inspections. Our calculations consider several key factors to ensure accuracy and offer you a detailed quote with no surprises. Firstly, we consider the geographic location of your warehouse, as this may affect logistics and travel costs. Additionally, we assess the size of your warehouse, as larger facilities with more bays often require more time and resources for a thorough inspection. Lastly, we account for the type of environment in your warehouse, distinguishing between dry and cold storage, as the latter often involves additional considerations and specialized expertise. By meticulously evaluating these factors, we can provide you with a fair and customized pricing structure that accurately reflects the scope and requirements of your rack inspection needs.
Why is inspection pricing not directly listed on your website?
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It’s not that we want to skirt around the subject of pricing. We like to know what things cost, too. Our racking inspection services are tailored to your specific needs. We inspect facilities large and small, anywhere in North America.

Consequently, our pricing will factor in geographic location, warehouse size, number of bays, and type of environment (dry vs. cold storage) to offer you a detailed quote with no surprise.
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