Warehouse palllet rack upright protected by Damo Guard


Rack protection is a simple and cost-effective way of safeguarding your rack investment and protecting your employees. We recommend installing early-on to protect your racking systems from damage from forklift activity. Start with areas where forklift traffic is heavy, and at the end of aisles, where there is a higher risk of impact with the racking system.

Damo Guard pallet rack upright protector close up

Great Warranty

At Damotech, we stand behind our rack protections products. That's why we offer the best warranty in the industry. Damotech rack protection units come with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Warehouse aisle uprights protected by Damotech Damo King

Turnkey Projects

Our surveyors and installers are experienced in handling large projects that involve careful planning and logistics. From start to finish, our experts will accompany you through the entire process.

Damotech's surveyors are trained to conduct large scale rack surveys and damage assessments, in warehouses that sometimes exceeded 1 million square feet! During their visit, they take all the necessary measurements to recommend the right repair or protection units in their proposal. Our skilled install crews are outfitted with Easy Lifts, a Damotech patented device that allows a safe install with little to no unloading of the racking system.

Pallet rack upright repaired with a Damo Pro kit


Rack protection is a great investment and should be done right after the installation of your racking system. If this wasn't done at the time, you should consider installing rack protection as early as possible.

If your rack systems are already showing signs of damage, your best course of action is to get one of our rack repair kits like the DAMO PRO or the DAMO FLEX.

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Built to the highest standards

Damotech is an active member of ProGMA, an MHI group composed of the industry's leading suppliers of fixed protective guarding products designed to protect personnel, equipment, and inventory in industrial and commercial facilities. This group is a recognized authority on the best practices, standards, and applications of protective barriers and guarding solutions. Purchasing from ProGMA member companies ensures you are getting products that are engineered to hold up to the industry's highest standards.