Built to Last

Our products are heavy-duty and built to last. For instance, our DAMO PRO is exceptionally robust and comes with a lifetime warranty against impact — no questions asked!

Cost Efficient

Our repair kits put a a stop to the endless upright replacement cycle. They are designed to protect from future impact so you don't have to spend on replacing parts over and over again.

Quick Installation

Our proprietary lift makes installations quick and safe. Since only the damaged part is removed, there is no need to unload racks in most situations, which makes for minimized disturbance of warehouse operations.

Tailored Solutions

No matter your challenges, the size of your warehouse or the industry you are in, our dedicated team of engineers will cater to your specific needs. From rack inspection to employee training, or from repair to load calculations, they have all the racking expertise to help.

Fast Shipping

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is designed to quickly and efficiently produce your custom units in no time. We guarantee the fastest P.O. to shipment time in the industry.

North American Network

Whether you are in California, Vermont, Hawaii or Ontario, we have experts across North America ready to service your warehouse locally.


We're the only company in the industry to offer a online software platform to help you manage your rack assets. Accessible through the Cloud, the platform makes it easier than ever to track your progress toward a safer warehouse.

Environmentally Friendly

Damotech's solutions minimize waste by replacing only damaged parts. Our materials are sourced locally and our products are manufactured in our LEED facility.

Most Trusted

Fortune 500 companies who demand the highest standards of safety in their warehouses work with Damotech. No matter the size of your company, our team of experts are dedicated to making our partnership a success.

Peace of Mind

Repair and forget. Installing our repair kits ensures you will never have to fix it again. The same cannot be said of OEM replacement parts, which may be damaged repeatedly.

Team of Experts

Damotech is your one-stop shop for everything rack safety. No matter the challenges or the size of your warehouse, our team of engineers and rack experts have the know-how and dedication to help.

Minimal Disruption

Damotech has a patented installation process that allows the repairs to take place with no unloading of your racks in most situations. Imagine the convenience and improvement in productivity by minimizing downtime.