Safety Tactics to Eliminate Rack Damage in Your Warehouse

Posted on February 10, 2021 - updated on September 14 2023 
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Even the smallest structural damage on your pallet racking should be investigated as it could eventually cause a racking system to collapse with the possibility of serious consequences to warehouse workers, equipment, inventory and storage availability. This article outlines simple yet effective ways of preventing and addressing rack damage in your warehouse to increase safety, minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Top performing warehouse managers make rack safety their top priority because safe warehouses operate more efficiently.

Train Your Employees

Employee Safety Training Should Be A Top Priority


No matter how careful warehouse workers are, accidents are bound to happen. Nonetheless, employee safety training should be at the top of your list to educate workers on best practices, teach them how to recognize hazards and take appropriate action following an incident. Safety training has been demonstrated to significantly lower the number of incidents in warehouses. Training your workforce on rack safety is one of the best investments you can make.

Protect Your Racks

Prevent Damage Before It Happens Using Racking Protectors

Rack systems are extremely efficient structures for supporting vertical loads (pallets), but they are not engineered to withstand strong shearing forces caused by forklift impacts. That’s why installing racking protectors is one of the best ways to minimize damage from forklifts. With the elimination of repetitive upright replacement and the reduction of operation downtime, rack protection turns out to be a great solution for reducing recurring maintenance costs.

The Best Rack Protectors Are Durable And Easy To Install Protective Solutions

There are several types of racking upright protectors available on the market. Some are anchored to the floor and prevent forklifts from backing into the racks. Others are installed over uprights to absorb impacts or to prevent columns from buckling. Some are built from high-strength steel and will resist almost any impact while others are made of PVC and are meant to deform or even crumple upon impact. No matter which type you chose, the best racking protectors are strong, easy to install, and should target the most vulnerable part of your uprights: the first 24 inches.

When researching rack protectors, you should also consider buying other protection devices such as forklift guide rails and end-of-aisle guards for your racks, shields for your structural building columns, and impact fences or guardrails to protect equipment and people. The safer your warehouse becomes, the safer your workers will feel, and the more they will appreciate working for a warehouse operator that invests in their safety. 

Address Rack Damage Promptly

Engineered Rack Repair Kits Reduce Downtime

If you currently have damaged rack uprights in your warehouse and are considering replacing them, it would be wise to look for an engineered rack repair kit instead. Replacing a damaged upright will not prevent the new one from getting damaged again, and again, and again... By repairing the upright with an engineered rack repair kit, you will restore its original load capacity while also protecting it against future damage. Rack repair kits are a smarter investment than replacement, especially when factoring in a lifetime warranty and reduced downtime.


The Ideal Rack Repair Kit Protects Your Racks From Future Impact

The ideal pallet rack repair kit ships quickly, is easy to install, fits your existing uprights perfectly, and protects your rack from future impact. If you are unsure which repair kit is right for you, or your warehouse contains multiple types of racks, look for a company that can provide an on-site rack damage assessment. Rack safety experts should be able to share advice on the best solutions to improve the safety of your warehouse.

Find Rack Professionals You Can Trust

Only Trust Certified Experts To Do The Job

Working with a knowledgeable rack safety solutions provider is critical to ensuring products are right for your needs and are installed properly. With rack engineers on board, leading rack suppliers can also ensure that your racks meet local codes. They can conduct regular rack inspections, assess the severity of the damage, prioritize repairs, validate load capacities and provide load capacity labels.


Key Takeaway

Invest In The Safety Of Your Workers

Investing in safety and proper maintenance will keep your warehouse and your workers safe. It will also make your operations more cost-efficient in the long run as you won’t have to replace uprights every time damage occurs. If your company is still not making rack safety a top priority, now is the best time to do so. For more insights from our rack safety experts, watch our 20-minute recorded webinar on the 5 Strategies to Improve Rack Safety. Show your workers you care about them and start investing in their safety today!


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