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Repair kit designed for fixing damaged columns:

You don’t have to compromise on safety.

Are you tired of replacing entire uprights in your warehouse racking system? Introducing DAMO PRO—the permanent and cost-effective solution that restores load capacity and protects your uprights from future impact.  

Our engineered column repair solution is designed to fix damaged columns and uprights on any storage rack system. It is custom-made to endure impacts and shocks caused by forklifts and the pallets they transport.  

In just a few short minutes, our explainer video provides a detailed overview of our column damage repair solution, highlighting its benefits such as: 

  • Cost-effectiveness for repairing damaged columns. 
  • Timesaving and easy to install. 
  • No need for an entire upright replacement. 
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your current racking system. 
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

In addition, the DAMO PRO solution can be tailored to your specific racking system and is available in a galvanized finish. Its installation typically requires no pallet unloading and does not entail welding as the unit arrives ready to be installed.  

Did you know that fixing damaged columns with a rack repair product over replacing the entire rack upright with original OEM parts is a more practical choice? It presents a permanent solution, ensures prompt delivery, and guarantees resistance against future impacts.  

If you’re still not convinced that fixing your damaged columns with DAMO PRO is the best option, we invite you to look at our infographic comparing rack repair versus replacement. This visual representation highlights the cost savings and benefits of choosing a rack repair solution. See why DAMO PRO is ideal for your column damage repair needs. 

Our short video shows you how our repair kit can help you fix damaged rack columns without having to worry about disruptions to your operations. Be sure to watch our DAMO PRO explainer video today!