Solving rack safety for you.

Introducing DAMO CARE, Damotech’s new Warehouse Rack Safety as a Service Solution, designed to simplify initiating and managing a robust company-wide rack safety program.

By downloading the DAMO CARE Infosheet, you can discover:

  • The importance of warehouse rack safety and how DAMO CARE can help you achieve it.
  • The benefits of the DAMO CARE program and the various services and perks it offers.
  • Damotech’s Rack Safety Flywheel, a proven framework based on Damotech’s 30+ years of experience in maintaining warehouse rack safety
Download the DAMO CARE flyer now to gain valuable insights on warehouse rack safety and how Damotech can help you keep your warehouse racks safe and secure.

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Need to have your warehouse pallet racks inspected? Damotech is North America's leading provider of rack inspection services. All our inspections are performed by engineers.


Damaged racks in your warehouse? Have a Damotech rack expert visit your warehouse to assess the damage, offer advice on how to repair, and provide a detailed quote.
Pallet Rack Inspector & Engineer

Professional Warehouse Racking Inspection Services

You can certainly download our warehouse racking inspection template, but when it comes to safety, your best bet is working with rack professionals. At Damotech, all our inspections are performed by trained Engineers. We have all the required expertise to help you make the entire inspection process as straightforward as possible. Let a third-party expert come in and inspect your racks. Compare the reports with your own findings, then make an informed decision on appropriate next steps. To make sure your racking assets are safe and well maintained, and that your workers are not exposed to unnecessary hazards, have your storage systems inspected regularly, by a qualified expert.

Rack Inspection Services
Pallet Rack Inspection Software, Mobile Tablet and Phone App

Pallet Rack Inspection & Maintenance Platform

The Damotech Platform cloud software is a rack inspection sheet on steroids. Accessible through the cloud, the platform and mobile app make it easier than ever to run inspections and track your progress toward a safer warehouse. Identify rack safety issues and take photos while walking your facility. Manage and share data with your colleagues. View the state of your racks, monitor issues, sort by component or priority level, and measure progress & repairs. Access all the critical up-to-date rack inspection data in one place, eliminating the need to shuffle through paperwork or multiple Excel sheets. Easily review the data from one or thousands of warehouses and track the status of each issue directly on the platform with no need to travel on-site.

Inspection Software

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