Prevent and Protect



A brand new facility, owned by a company who, from experience with other warehouse locations, wanted to protect all of its (10”x10”) building columns against forklift impact. As a prevention strategy against damage, a permanent solution was required.



The Damotech dealer, informed by his client of this new facility, decided to take this opportunity to introduce them to the Damo Shield. They loved the patented design of the Shield and the robustness of the unit. Initially, 20 units were ordered and installed as a trial. When the dealer met again with the client, they were impressed with the results but did have a concern about the base plate not being high enough to protect the columns against forklift drivers traveling with forks higher than 8” off the ground.


The Dealer then turned to Damotech’s Engineering Department for a solution to his client’s request. Within a few weeks, Damotech created a custom accessory called a “Fork Blocker” that can be retrofitted on any Damo Shield. This “Fork Blocker” is designed to prevent the lift forks from reaching the column while the Damo Shield protects the columns from all the other parts of the lift.







Damo-Shield_product-1.jpgFEATURES AND BENEFITS
This heavy-duty solution does not touch the building column and in doing so, does not rely on it in case of impact. The shield is made of 1/4” thick structural steel. Simply put, it is designed to live up to its name and protect columns from damage, permanently. It’s circular with minimal footprint. Installation completed in less than 30 minutes. Size can be customized to accommodate any mechanicals running alongside the columns. Since the initial trial, additional units were installed in the rest of the new facility as well as in multiple other locations owned by the client.