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What engineering services does Damotech provide?

Damotech offers 2 types of engineering services, all rendered by its in-house engineering team.

Conformity inspection
Our engineers walk the facility and inspect the racking systems for conformity by collecting data,
pictures and recording any deficiencies, damages or missing components. A stamped report is issued with recommendations. The report is signed by an engineer and provides recommendations to bring the systems back to conformity with CAN/CSA A344 and MH16.1 (RMI) standards.

Load Capacity Certification
This service consists of collecting on-site data and measurements about the racking systems, determining the load capacity of the uprights and beams, and issuing a stamped load capacity
report with labels.

Once the services are performed, the resulting data can be uploaded into our cloud-based Platform, giving you the possibility to better manage your rack assets.