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What engineering services does Damotech provide?

Damotech offers 3 types of engineering services, all rendered by its in-house engineering team.

1. Rack Inspections 
Our engineers walk the facility and perform a visual inspection of the racking systems. To make sure your systems are up to code, the engineer on-site will perform a rack safety audit. This one consists of collecting data, taking pictures and recording any deficiencies, damages or missing components. 

After the inspection is complete, a detailed report with issues and recommendations is provided. The detailed reporting is signed by an engineer and is based on rigorous observations by our rack experts. This information will allow you to take corrective actions and bring your racking back to conformity according to the CAN/CSA A344 and MH16.1 (RMI) standards.

2. Load Capacity Calculations (Certification)
Pallet rack safety regulations in North America requires all pallet racks to have and display the load capacity for a greater warehouse safety. This service consists of collecting on-site data and measurements about the racking systems, determining the load capacity of the uprights and beams, and issuing a stamped load capacity report with labels.

Any modification made to the configuration of a rack, such as a change in beam or displacement in height, must be reviewed by a racking specialist before the rack is put back to use. In this case, Damotech will offer a new certification of the pallet racks and new load capacity labels. 

Assessment (Racking Certification & Inspection)

This service consists of the combination of a racking certification and racking inspection.

3. Rack Safety Training
Under OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), employers are responsible for providing a safe work environment to their employees. They are responsible for the health and safety of their employees while on the work site. 

Our pallet rack safety and inspection training can significantly reduce the number of accidents in your warehouse by educating your workers on the proper course of action when rack safety issues arise. This training is the best tool to significantly improve accident prevention in a warehouse. It is also an excellent investment your company can make to minimize unnecessary risk.

Once the services are performed, the resulting data can be uploaded into our cloud-based Platform, giving you the possibility to better manage your rack assets.