How can I tell if my rack is damaged and needs repair?

The simplest way to identify damaged pallet racking in your facility is to conduct a thorough inspection of the racks. It is the owner’s responsibility to have the pallet racks inspected periodically to ensure that they are providing a safe work environment for their employees (American National Standards Institute [ANSI], 2023, section 4.1). The frequency of inspections is not defined in the code; however, we recommend a monthly in-house inspection be performed on the racks, if not more often for areas with higher traffic volumes and/or consistent damages. Employees should also be encouraged to report damages they cause and/or see during their day-to-day operations to ensure that critical issues are addressed as soon as possible. When evaluating damage to an upright component (column or brace), it is recommended to use the “1-2-3 Rule,” detailed in our blog here. This rule will help determine if the upright issue needs to be addressed right away or if other, more critical issues should be prioritized. You can also download our Rack Damage Assessment Guide which outlines how to assess various common, rack-related issues.  

Sometimes damaged racking is easy to recognize, but other times it may be hidden or harder to identify due to the numerous components that make up the rack systems. On top of your in-house inspections, it is recommended to have a professional third party perform an annual detailed inspection of the racks and provide a stamped report, identifying all damages and areas of non-conformity with the codes. To get a clear picture of the condition of your racking, please feel free to contact Damotech. We will first send a specialized dealer to survey your facility to assess the general status of the racks. To request this free on-site rack repair assessment, please visit the link here. Based on this survey, our dealer can suggest the repairs necessary to correct the damaged racking. The dealer can also indicate if they feel a trained engineer must perform a more detailed inspection of the facility. This may be the case if the level of damage is high and/or if consistent non-conformities with the code are observed during the survey. If so, a Damotech engineer can be scheduled to conduct a more thorough inspection of your racking systems. This professional inspection is followed up with a detailed, stamped report identifying all issues and their locations, as well as the necessary corrective actions that should be taken for each. We also provide a PDF layout of the facility to show exactly where all the racks and their respective issues are located.  

Remember, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the racks are inspected periodically and remain in a safe operating condition. At Damotech, we recommend conducting a monthly in-house inspection performed by a trained employee at a minimum. For information on how to assess common issues with the racks, download our Rack Damage Assessment Guide. If the damages found tend to be frequent or severe, it may be wise to have a professional third party inspect the facility and provide a detailed report on their findings. To contact Damotech regarding a dealer survey or professional rack inspection, please complete the form here. Additionally, you can visit the Resources page on our website which offers comprehensive guidelines on rack damage assessment as well as information on how you can repair and protect the racks at your facility. 


American National Standards Association. (2023). Specification for the Design, Testing and Utilization of Industrial Steel Storage Racks (ANSI MH16.1).