Do I need to buy repair products from Damotech after the inspection?

No, you are not required to purchase our rack repair products after an inspection. Our engineering services remain independent from our pallet rack repair services. The primary goal of our conformity inspection service is to identify damages and other issues related to the pallet rack systems in your warehouse and help you determine the best ways to address them. Our team of engineers is bound by the engineer’s professional code of ethics. Both our load capacity and conformity inspection reports are stamped with a P. Eng’s seal, so you know the information presented is always accurate and impartial.  

After the inspection has been completed, several options are available to correct the reported deficiencies. These options include: 

  • Replacing the damaged components with parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 
  • Finding a rack repair provider other than Damotech. 
  • Or, working with Damotech to address all the noted issues and fix damages using our engineered rack repair kits (this can save you from having to deal with multiple suppliers). 

As you can see, there are several ways to deal with pallet rack system-related damages. Typically, beam damages are addressed by replacing the entire beam, as repair kits for these components are not commonly offered. Uprights, however, may be replaced or repaired. Damotech’s upright repair kits are designed to repair only the damaged portion of the upright and always bring the upright back to its original rated load capacity. Our repair kits also feature built-in protection to prevent future damages in case they are impacted again. For more information on our rack repair products, as well as a direct comparison of rack repair vs. replacement, visit the link here. To view information on our pallet rack inspection services, visit the link here.