What do you inspect? What are you looking for?

Our inspectors perform a thorough racking inspection to certify that the customer’s racking systems comply with governing rack design and safety standards.

During a conformity inspection, Damotech's engineers will walk the facility and provide a visual inspection of the racks.  Observations include damages to columns, beams and braces, missing anchors, safety pins, safety bars and more.  The report is signed by an engineer and provides recommendations on bringing the systems back to conformity following the CAN/CSA A344 and MH16.1 (RMI) standards.

Here is an example of what our inspectors are visually inspecting:


  • Protection against falling objects
  • Unsafe operations methods
  • The flow of forklift trucks
  • Workstations (out of traffic)
  • Availability of LARCs
  • Disparity with original LARCs


  • Damaged components
  • Buckling
  • Verticality
  • Clearance
  • Row spacers
  • Braces
  • Stability: H/D ratio
  • Anchors, baseplate, shims and cross-aisle ties


  • Beam deflection
  • Damaged beams
  • Detached or unclipped beams
  • Incompatible beams
  • Safety pins
  • Safety bars
  • Clearance of pallets
  • Double-stacking


  • Rust
  • Welded repairs
  • Racking conditions
  • Sprinkler clearance
  • Display of load capacities
  • Adequate lighting