How can I increase my rack's load capacity?

Only an engineer or the original rack manufacturer is allowed to calculate the load capacity of a pallet rack.

There are several options. First, you can consult the original equipment manufacturer. You can also contact an engineer familiar with racking systems as only they and the OEM are authorized to calculate the load capacity of a rack. Damotech offers such services and can dispatch an engineer to your facility to see how you can optimize the load capacity of your racking systems.

The service
A Damotech engineer will visit the warehouse and take appropriate measurements of the racking systems in order to establish their capacity. The process is an unobtrusive walk through the facility. The engineer will produce a load capacity report containing drawings and the load capacity of each rack bay and beam level. The report includes:
  • A plan view layout of the targeted systems
  • Information about the configuration of the racks and their load capacities
  • Labels for displaying the maximum load capacity of the systems when required

If you require more capacity than what is provided in the report, a Damotech engineer can work with you to discuss the best way of reaching your target capacity.

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