How does Damotech limit its impact on the environment?

Damotech is concerned with its impact on the environment and has taken several measures to limit its environmental footprint.

In 2015, Damotech built a state of the art LEED-certified facility, the result of several years of careful planning to significantly optimize our production line, improve our environmental performance, and ultimately, better serve our customers.

Here are some steps we've taken:

  • Going paperless – using technology and software to track orders and their production. Inspections are conducted by using proprietary software. Reports are sent electronically or uploaded to our cloud-based platform.
  • Our products are painted in-house – eliminating the need to outsource this step has greatly reduced our lead time, and extra transportation and packaging.
  • Electrostatic powder-coated paint – All of our products are painted using this process, which leads to less waste, offering a durable finish, and no harmful emanations (VOC).
  • LEED Certified facility – built for energy efficiency, greater ventilation, and recycling of heat emanating from the oven.
  • No part of our manufacturing process requires water – this means nothing is rejected in the sewage system.
  • All metal scraps are recycled.
  • And finally, the rack repair process itself is less wasteful as only the damaged part of the rack is removed, reducing the amount of steel that must be discarded.