What standards does Damotech abide by?

Damotech's products and services respect all the governing rack standards and guidelines.

Damotech is an Associate Member of RMI, the Rack Manufacturers Institute. RMI holds its members to the highest standards, and the membership is a gauge of quality. With rack safety being the main focus for both Damotech and RMI, together, we strive to limit liability and risk surrounding the repair of damaged racks with our engineered solutions.

In the US, the IBC (International Building Code) refers to MH16.1 (RMI's Rack Design Standard), which defines how racking systems should be designed and maintained. Damotech respects these standards.

In Canada, the latest NBC (National Building Code) refers to CSA S16 for the design of steel structures, including racks. As this is a relatively new code, some provinces still use the previous rack design code A344.2. Damotech conforms to this code as well.