What kind of safety training does Damotech offer?

Damotech offers two types of warehouse safety training, focusing on our area of expertise: pallet racking systems.

On-site Warehouse Safety Training

The first option is on-site safety training for warehouse workers, given by our racking experts. Our engineer(s) will travel to your facility to provide workers with warehouse rack safety training session and elaborate on methods for conducting regular rack inspections internally. Our warehouse safety training course is split into two parts: an instructor-led classroom session in which the basics of rack safety are taught to the warehouse workers, followed by a hands-on workshop in your warehouse. During this workshop, various rack damage scenarios and how to inspect them will be shown in a realistic environment. This approach helps warehouse workers gain a better understanding of potential scenarios for damage and equips them with the knowledge to identify issues in their daily operations.


Online Warehouse Safety Training

As an alternative option to our on-site warehouse safety training, we have adapted the warehouse safety training course into an online version that can be given to your workers regardless of your warehouse location. You choose a time, and our knowledgeable instructors will guide your workers through a rack safety awareness course. It will conduct virtual inspections on Zoom, allowing the workers to get a real-world idea of the damages they can face in your warehouse. This option is convenient and flexible and provides for simultaneous training of warehouse workers from several sites or facilities. This method is more suited for large groups that are spread out over various warehouses.

Both training options can be tailored to your needs if you have time considerations or wish to focus on a specific issue. You simply have to let us know.

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