What kind of safety training does Damotech offer?

Damotech offers two kinds of rack safety training

On-site Training

The first option is on-site. Our engineer(s) will travel to your facility and train your employees on warehouse rack safety and on methods for conducting regular rack inspections. This pallet rack safety course is split into two parts: an instructor-led classroom session and a practical workshop in your warehouse.

Online Training

As an alternative to our on-site training, we've created an online version of our rack safety course. You choose the time and our instructors will teach your workers about rack safety awareness and conducting inspections on Zoom. This option is convenient and flexible and allows you to train workers from several sites or facilities at the same time.


Both of these training options can be tailored to your needs if you have time considerations or if you wish to focus on a specific issue. You simply have to let us know.

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