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Does a pallet rack need to be anchored to the ground?

Anchoring the pallet rack to the ground is recommended to ensure its stability and resistance in case of an impact.

All pallet rack columns should be resting on footplates anchored to the concrete floor. 
Footplates usually have two holes but installing two anchor bolts too close together could damage the concrete slab. In general, a minimum of one anchor per footplate is required to connect the pallet racks to the floor. On some plates, two holes are located both at the front and back of the plate to allow the installation of two pallet rack anchor bolts. 

Otherwise in the general case of plates with only two holes, the pallet rack anchors should be placed in an alternate placement pattern. Meaning that, if the rack anchor on the front column is placed in the right baseplate hole, the anchor on the back column should be placed in the left baseplate hole or vice versa. Alternating the placement of the anchors gives some added stability to the rack.  

Anchors are necessary components that ensure the stability and durability of the racks. Their presence and integrity are therefore crucial to the proper functioning of the racks and to the safety of all those who work around them. 

pallet racks anchored to the ground for stability