How do I Reset Password & Password Question?

Step-by-step guide to resetting your password


Changing the password should be done for security reasons only.

If you are also using the mobile application, we strongly recommend that you synchronize before changing your password.

Forgotten password and password question (challenge).

  1. Access the Web platform:
    2. See Compatibility article to learn more about supported browsers and operating systems.

  2. Click on 'Need help signing in?' and then on 'Help Desk'.

  3. You will be redirected to the Help Desk.
    1. You will be able to create a technical Support request.
    2. A member of the customer Service team will send you a Temporary Password.
    3. See the Support request article for more information.


  4. Access the Web platform:
    2. Enter your Username and your Temporary Password.
    3. Click on Sign In.


  5. Set your new password:
    1. Old password: enter your Temporary Password.
    2. Enter your New password.
    3. Click on Change Password.


  6. You will be redirected to the Damotech Dashboard.

    1. Click on your Name in the upper right corner.
      • Click on Settings.
      • You can change your Forgotten Password Question.
      • Click on Home to go back to the Damotech Dashboard.



    2. Click on the 'Damotech Platform' link to access Damotech Platform using your new password.


If you need assistance during the process, please contact our customer service through our Damotech Help Desk.