What is in the conformity inspection report?

Our engineers play a pivotal role in facilitating the restoration of your rack systems to conform with the most up-to-date industry standards.

This commitment to ensuring that your racks operate at their peak efficiency and safety is the cornerstone of our inspection and repair services. After completing a comprehensive conformity inspection of your racks, we provide you with an actionable warehouse inspection report that bears the stamp of a professional engineer. This report serves as a detailed guide to rectifying any issues our inspectors identified and includes the following insights and deliverables: 

Detailed Inspection Procedures and Observations: The report meticulously outlines our inspection procedures and provides comprehensive on-site observations by the inspector. This allows you to fully understand the inspection process and the specific areas of focus when inspecting the rack components. 

Prioritized Issue Listing: The report categorizes the identified issues based on priority levels to ensure they are rectified in a logical order. Due to time and budget constraints, we understand it may not be possible for all issues to get fixed immediately. This tiered approach allows you to address the more critical concerns first while formulating a plan to resolve any less urgent issues in a timely manner. 

Facility Layout and Issue Locations: We provide a layout of your facility showing the locations of the inspected systems and their issues. The layout has dots generated on the rack systems, color-coded by priority, to identify all the noted issues and their exact locations in the facility. Our color-coded dot system also aids as a visual representation to show if certain sections of the facility are more consistently or severely damaged than others.  

Engineer’s Insight and Recommendations: Our experienced engineers provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their on-site observations. This expert guidance offers you a clear pathway for addressing the noted issues and implementing effective solutions to not only bring your racks back into conformity but also prevent future issues.  

Comprehensive Visual Documentation: The report includes photographs of each identified issue the inspector took on-site. These visuals serve as a precise reference, aiding in accurately identifying concerns during the corrective process and showing you exactly why the inspector noted the issue. 

Structured Excel Table: For your convenience, the report is accompanied by an Excel table that catalogs all the recorded issues. This table has hyperlinks that connect each issue to the corresponding inspection photograph. It identifies each issue by location, component type, and priority rating, allowing the user to filter through the issue list based on these categories.  

Our comprehensive warehouse inspection report is not only a documentation of the findings; it provides a dynamic tool that allows you to take actionable steps toward improving your rack systems’ performance and safety in the most effective order. We can achieve this by providing you with detailed information, visual references, and expert recommendations for the most efficient issue resolution and optimization of your rack systems.