Does Damotech certify rack mezzanines?

Damotech provides a service where we analyze and approve certain types of free-standing elevated work platforms used in factory and warehouse settings. These work platforms are essentially raised floors, allowing workers to reach higher areas or create extra storage space. We make sure they are safe and meet all the necessary standards. The work platforms we certify are made using strong metal supports called rack uprights. These uprights are sturdy columns that support heavy loads, making the platforms stable and secure.  

However, we do not offer certification for a different kind of raised floor called mezzanines. Whether referred to as rack mezzanine, pallet rack mezzanine, rack supported mezzanine, or mezzanine racking system, they constitute extra floor levels added inside buildings to create more space. They are connected to the building’s structure. Consequently, this type of system requires much more complex assessments since the structural integrity of the entire building now comes into play. 

Regarding pricing, the cost of certifying a work platform can vary. It depends on how complicated the platform’s design is. If it is a straightforward design, the certification process is easier, and the cost is lower. However, if the platform has a more complex structure or requires specific features, it may take more time and effort to evaluate, leading to a higher price for the certification service. 

Our team of experts is knowledgeable about structural safety and regulations and carefully reviews each work platform application. We want to ensure the platforms are built correctly, meet safety standards, and can safely support the weight they are intended to hold. 

In summary, we offer certification services for standalone work platforms made with rack uprights, ensuring they are safe and suitable for use in industrial environments. However, we do not certify pallet rack mezzanines since they are directly connected to buildings. The work platform certification cost depends on how simple or complex the platform’s design is, and our goal is to provide reliable and affordable assessments for our customers.