What are load capacity labels and load plaques?

It is required by code to install labels or plaques to communicate the rated load capacity of the rack systems.

A pallet rack load capacity refers to the maximum weight and stress that can be placed on a given system or structure under specific conditions. In other words, it refers to the maximum weight limit at which the system can continue to perform its intended functions. 

There are several ways of communicating the load capacity of a racking system. One can be to use adhesive labels placed on the first beam (at eye-level) since it allows for a varying load capacity throughout a rack system. If your racks have the same load capacity throughout, you may use rated load plaques to remind the forklift operators of the rack load capacity before entering an aisle. These plaques generally include the maximum bay capacity, maximum beam capacity, the details about the rack’s manufacturer, and often a project date.

Here is an example of a load capacity label:

load capacity label for pallet racking weight capacity