Does Damotech install load capacity labels on every rack beam level?

Load capacities must be stated on the racks so that operators know the maximum weight that can be placed at each pallet position, helping to ensure they do not overload any bays (American National Standards Institute [ANSI], 2023, section 4.1). There are two main ways to display the maximum permissible load your pallet racks can hold. Commonly, a load capacity plaque will be placed at one or both ends of the rack system, stating the maximum load capacity for all the bays. However, the maximum load capacity may vary from bay to bay within a single system. It may be the case if the beam levels/types change from bay to bay and/or the uprights used change within a system.  

When the load capacity varies within a system, it is easier to display this varying capacity by using load capacity labels instead of a plaque. Labels can be placed at individual beam levels to show the maximum capacity at that specific level. However, installing load capacity labels on every beam level is not always necessary. Load capacity labels are typically installed on a beam close to the eye level of each bay, identifying the uniform load capacity for all levels in that bay. If different beam types are used within a single bay, the load capacity in that bay can vary between levels. If so, we can print multiple labels stating the maximum loads for each level.  

After performing a load capacity assessment of your racks, we will work with you to determine the simplest and most effective way to display these capacities. If load capacity labels are the best option, we will place a load capacity label on the beam closest to the eye level in each bay or, if more convenient, on the upright columns instead. This label will display the maximum load capacity for all beam levels in that bay. If the capacity within a single bay varies from level to level, we can install multiple labels in that bay indicating the different capacities and which beam levels they apply to.  


American National Standards Institute. (2023). Design, Testing and Utilization of Industrial Steel Storage Racks (MH16.1)